The lawless west had never met a gun-throwing gent like...

Jackson Redan, a former Confederate officer, arrives in Arizona expecting to start his life anew on land he hopes to buy and cultivate. He meets saloon-girl Reva Cairn and town merchant Don... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sugarfoot torrent reviews

Dan H (mx) wrote: Expected more, not that good.

Brian B (nl) wrote: Wow! Totally awesome movie with a brilliant terrific plot! Rarely do I give a movie a perfect five out of five stars but this movie gets it! It's everything "Lucy" wanted to be but failed miserably! Limitless is an awesome thrill ride with a star studded line up all the way down to the Russian Thug played by Andrew Howard! Brilliant!

Ridhi D (es) wrote: gud storyline.........amazin showcase of talent.........

RA L (br) wrote: WEB-LETTERBOX. Extraordinaria pelcula que aborda una de las premisas ms difciles y logra mantenerse creble, todo el tiempo maximizando su esttica cinematogrfica. Su equilibrio emocional es muy admirable. / Extraordinary movie that undertakes one of the most difficult premises and manages to keep its credibility, all the while maximizing its cinematic aesthetic. Its emotional balance is quite admirable.

Rickard O (kr) wrote: A typical clash-between- different-lifestyles-movie. Not bad at all tough, but you've seen this before... many times!

Ondrej (kr) wrote: Wonderful potential brought down by moments of cheesiness and dull plot development.

Marcus B (es) wrote: solid story of police corruption.starring paul newman

Gaelan D (it) wrote: Beautifully shot, and hilarious and adorable in its right moments, but not enough to convince me that I want to see a monkey get crucified.I totally understand why Herzog is unsettled by chickens, after seeing this movie.

Joel A (ca) wrote: One of the recent directional efforts from master filmmaker Roman Polanski that is based a hit play. The story is simple two parents meet over a fight between their sons & one son is seriously injured & their true prejudices & insecurities quickly arise.The performances & dialogue in this film is sensational & it's also really funny & has such a honesty to the characters.It's a short feature & set basically in a lounge room but the performances are so rich it's keeps you enthralled. A unique divergence from Polanksi but a welcomed one.

Alex M (fr) wrote: Lots of stupid, action packed fun. Nothing else to say than that.