Tom is a middle-class city boy whose life has reached breaking point. he thinks D - a young desperate drug addict can give him what he needs. But what D’s offering comes with more than just a price tag…. Tom is completely out of his depth when he finds himself in D's abandoned warehouse attempting to do a deal with him. The two enter into an irrational, deadly game of cat and mouse. The tense drama escalates when local crime lord, Hoodwink, wakes up to find his gun missing. With this impending threat at their backs, both men play an intense game of cat and mouse; scrambling to cut a deal and make sense of the very lives they may be about to lose.

Upper middle class employee Tom ventures into a derelict squatter building to buy a gun from D, a cocky but stupid, homeless crack-junkie, who meanly tries to extort above the agreed price.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sugarhouse torrent reviews

Rohan D (de) wrote: First half is kinda boring but second half is somewhat interesting. Many concepts stolen from other movies and bad acting at many spots.Expect few scares.Overall a very enjoyable popcorn flick.

Rik S (de) wrote: was ok nothing to shout about...

darrell h (br) wrote: Saw it on Netflix. Conspiracy Theory type of movie.It just reinforces the anger that everybody has for oil.

M S (mx) wrote: Excellent movie. Must see for BSG fans.

WS W (nl) wrote: Band scenes in Japan (or, in fact, all around the world). Only the perspective is too alienated, too distant & calm which somehow makes this film look odd.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Kept moving. Very involved edge of your seat.

Ralph M (es) wrote: I won't even give this film a half star. That's right.

Angela B (us) wrote: Great cat and mouse between Polanski and Depardieu!

Angie B (de) wrote: It was surprisingly realistic. Very good movie, natalie wood is an amazing and beautiful actress

Jei P (nl) wrote: are people crazy???? why is this another low rating movie??? just the first 10mins of movie got me jaw dropping!!!