Durga and Vikram Singh have been married for years. Vikram has taken to crime in a big way, and as a result has antagonized a rival gangster, Jaggi. Durga gives birth to twins, and Jaggi steals one of them, and sells him to a bootlegger, Pascal. Durga is upset when she finds her son missing, but is devastated when Vikram abandons her. With a lot of difficulty, Durga brings up her son, Kishan, and has given up on finding her other son. Kishan has grown up and is now a dedicated police officer. On the other hand, Pascal has exploited Amit, kept him illiterate, doing petty crime, and alcoholic. This gets him in confrontation with Kishan, but ironically the two settle their differences and become fast friends. Vikram is still alive, and is not aware of his two sons and wife being alive.

Durga and Vikram Singh have been married for years. Vikram has taken to crime in a big way, and as a result has antagonized a rival gangster, Jaggi. Durga gives birth to twins, and Jaggi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niamh D (us) wrote: This is an incredible film. The acting is superb but what's really interesting to me is the ambiguity and the questions that it raises about character's motivations and actions. I saw this film with two other people. Each of us had different ideas about what was going on and why. An interview with the actor showed another completely different perspective. The more that I thought about it the more I realized how unusual and brilliant this film is. I saw a detailed, intimate portrait of a character and left with many questions and yet didn't feel frustrated. It made me think. In a great way. Do see it with people though. You'll love the debate later.

Eliana S (nl) wrote: A really sweet film that was really well-done. I really enjoyed it. :)

Chris W (it) wrote: The most realistic and gritty look at a dysfunctional family since Robert Redford's Ordinary People. Anne Hathaway is devastating. One of the best films of 2008.

Wade T (au) wrote: cool little indie sci fi flick

Smashproplaya (es) wrote: In my opinion the best out of all 3 movies.

Riley H (gb) wrote: The first five years of the war are tackled in 20 minutes. The CG is terrible. The girl recounting an act from the holocaust seems like she's acting in a one woman play. Etc.

Muffin M (us) wrote: It's Christmas eve in New York, and, with a little help from each other, five people will discover new meaning on Christmas day. As Jules (Marcus Thomas) finds the courage to step beyond his past, Artie's (Alan Arkin) own tragic history shows Mike (Paul Walker) where jealousy can lead, bringing renewal to Mike's relationship with Nina (Penelope Cruz). Meanwhile, Rose (Susan Sarandon) discovers new hope as Charlie - an unexpected friend - reminds her that no one is ever truly alone at Christmas. also stars Robin Williams, John Doman, Daniel Sunjata and Sonny Marinelli. directed by Chazz Palminteri.

Guy H (ag) wrote: It may be incredibly cheesy and at times just down right sexist, but it has plenty of catchy songs and its sweetness is undeniable.

Buggy B (kr) wrote: Not exactly a good movie but damn did I have fun watching this. It's your typical 90's action flick so its kinda cheesy with over the top, well everything. Big action, big explosions, garish skin tight costumes and laughable (but bad) one liners. As far as being faithful to the comic, it fails big time as its more of a Stallone movie than a true Dredd movie but if you're in the right mood its also entertaining as hell.Stallone IS the law here as Judge Dredd a futuristic cop from Mega city who holds unilateral power as judge, jury and executioner over overpopulated and violent cities. When he is framed for murder and banished from the force (and the city) he must fight his way back to reclaim his badge and take down Armand Assante -who is pretty awesome as the bad guy. This movie is generally hated but I had a ton of fun watching it (except for Rob Schneider as the "comic" sidekick -he was terrible) The story is decent though and there are a ton of interesting characters (and actors) involved (Diane Lane, Max von Sydow, Scott Wilson). I also liked this future view, yeah its kinda Bladerunner-ish but interesting with cool gadgets, giant robots, flying motorcycle chases, redneck cannibals and a ton of unintentional laughs to be had along the way. 12/1/14