Collegian Ajay Sharma was born on 2nd April 1968 and lives in Bombay with his widowed mom, Asha. He is friendly with fellow-collegian, the wealthy Raj Sinha, and both often end up getting beat-up by goons and Madhu (Raj's girlfriend) respectively. After they graduate from college, Raj's maternal uncle asks Ajay to bring his birth certificate so that he could make his passport and find work for him in a department store in Canada. Ajay goes home to look for his birth certificate, but is unable to locate. His mother makes a show of helping him, but instead tears a document and tosses it outside. Ajay puts the document together and finds out that his real name is Ajay Malhotra, his father, Dr. Ravi Malhotra, is still alive, serving a life sentence in prison for killing and stealing a patient's organs. Ajay questions his mother and finds out that his dad was framed by the hospital owner, Rai Bahadur. He and Asha meet Ravi in prison and swear to avenge his humiliation.

Collegian Ajay Sharma was born on 2nd April 1968 and lives in Bombay with his widowed mom, Asha. He is friendly with fellow-collegian, the wealthy Raj Sinha, and both often end up getting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (it) wrote: A great slow-burning drama, set in the Arctic. The Russian subtitles aren't too hard, because there's not too much dialogue, owing to there only being 2 characters. Some really long, lingering shots show the desolation & cold and how isolated they are, helping to explain some of the decisions that lead them both going a little crazy and trying to escape one another, when it seems like it could have been solved quite simply at the start. Really well made, scored & shot, definitely worthwhile.

Gordon B (de) wrote: There(TM)s only so much time you can spend with these douchebags before you want their lives and this film to be over as soon as possible. Rent ~Bachelor Party(TM) instead

Felipe D (jp) wrote: O documentrios biogrficos mais sensacional que eu j vi, impressiona pela sensibilidade perceptvel em todos os aspectos do filme, em forma e contedo.

louis d (ag) wrote: A wonderful film by a modern master.

Andy M (kr) wrote: Pretty boring. Not scary at all. Another "Glad it was free from the library" movies.

Frances H (de) wrote: Maybe this flick had some "profound" philosophical gems to say about life, but it was SOOOOOO depressing, I feel like watching the zombie horror movie I have on my DVR just to cheer myself up! Anything would be a mood improvement over this film. I normally like the intersecting-lives type movies, but this was just like one long Twilight Zone in terms of the terribly ironic. Even the music sounded similar, but used the same refrain over and over until I felt ready to scream. Don't watch this on a rainy, gloomy day, or you might end up doing what Matthew McConaughey's character did. (Warning--it wasn't good.) Why do critics always love this type of profoundly unhappy film?

eu (nl) wrote: The first movie of the argentine director Lucrecia Martel. As good and perturbing as La Nia Santa (Holly Girl), her second work, in La Cinaga we follow the life of two friends and their families during the summer vacations. The atmosphere is dense and heavy, we can feel the uncomfortable heat, we expect something to happen., but the end... is unexpected. Lucrecia Martel is definitely one of the best contemporary directors.

Van H (mx) wrote: In the top 5 of worst movies I have ever seen.

Cody L (kr) wrote: The first looked like there was actually a small amount of thought of effort. This looked like it was made for shits and giggle. Basically it's one of the movie that's so bad it's good.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Weak end-of-the-world film, where a chosen few are selected to live in an underground bunker. The only catch is there are nasty vampire bats. A good cast cannot overcome bad special effects and an awful script.

Phillip S (jp) wrote: For what it was it was good. The cinematography was nothing special. There were a few genuine moments that disturbed me and that's hard to do considering my favorite movies when I was 6 were the Hellraiser films. Could have done much better justice to the "Invasion" name. Let's go back to Invasion of the Body Snatchers circa 1955.

Philip U (au) wrote: Greatest western ever and possibly one of the greatest movies of all time. When you can see a movie over a 100 times and love it every time, be wowed every time, you know you have a classic. I have empathised with every character in this movie ignoring the fact that most are not well-developed and exist for the moment... but this is a master piece of visuals, of music, of mood and spirit that just endures forever

Paul D (mx) wrote: Not a huge amount of presence from the cast due to the fact there is no clear hero among the characters, and it can't shake off the sound stage look for the indoor sequences, but the story itself makes for a pacy adventure with some tense scenes.

Katrina L (au) wrote: well done ! (chocia bardziej mi si? podoba?a polska wersja tej historii pt. Ogrd Luizy)

Adam M (ag) wrote: Sexy vamp action from the mid-90's. Martin Kemp plays a vampire who needs to find the reincarnation of an old lover within three days before midnight or he dies. Enter Alyssa Milano, a pretty student with a long term boyfriend and who's still a virgin. So Kemp uses his vamp-like powers and slowly turns her into the sexiest bitch on campus. But can he convince her to become his? Embrace of the Vampire looks dated but is still sexy enough and Milano looks great. Due to its budget feel there's little in the way of gore or even full on scares but the sexy and at times eerie atmosphere pulls it along and makes it a decent enough vampire film.

Michael H (br) wrote: Worth a watch... Original story.