Suicide Bus

Suicide Bus

A young girl named Mitsuki receives a ticket for a bus tour from her uncle. The tour appears to be normal (expect that everyone appears to be quite sombre), but Mitsuki learns its true purpose: the other passengers and the tour manager have a suicide pact to send the bus over a cliff so their families can collect the insurance money.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   slapstick,   japan,  

A young girl named Mitsuki receives a ticket for a bus tour from his uncle. The tour appears to be normal (expect that everyone appears to be quite somber) but Mitsuki learns it's true ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kinohi N (fr) wrote: Thinly veiled hagiography that doesn't go beyond what you can easily glean from Pimp: The Story of My Life.

Adesh P (au) wrote: What a wonderful movie.

Zahid C (mx) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 12 Oct 2007Time: 1.30pmWith: Azeem, MomOn: DVDName: RISK

Denise B (es) wrote: Will rent it on Netflix

Jiana W (mx) wrote: It feels a little messy at times. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it knows whether it wants to be amusing or sexy, so eventually it winds up being neither. I don't think Angelina Jolie is at her best here. She definitely isn't as good as she can be, though she has her moments. The real power of the story is Luis. Antonio Banderas makes him a sympathetic character, so you understand his passion bordering on obsession with finding Julia. The scene in which he tries to poison himself is probably the best moment in the movie.

Brendan C (jp) wrote: One of the worst star wars movies ever because the casting and writing was horrible. Waste of money and talent. They should remake the entire prequel series.

Carl M (ca) wrote: After a fatal car accident kills her sister and prevents her escape from Romania, the struggling vampire Michele is taken in by a deranged doctor and his assistant, who claim that they can cure her. Her master, the evil Radu, is brought back to life once again by the Bloodstone, returning to his former coven to track down the woman who scorned him. Although it was made just a few years after the earlier entries, SUBSPECIES 4 feels like an entirely different film. The ugly opening gives an immediate sense of cheapness to the production, which is continues with the inferior make-up effects and Z-movie plot. SUBSPECIES has always been built on the growing sexual tension between Radu and Michele, yet here they share very little screen time. Only in the final moments are the two brought back together at last in one of the series' most powerful moments. Anders Hove and Denise Duff are subpar compared to before, but Dan Astileanu's obsessive and over-the-top professor drags the picture down. Regardless of its flaws, SUBSPECIES fans are sure to sink their teeth into this final entry, although it is easily the weakest in the series. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Todd P (mx) wrote: Such a good movie...a powerhouse storyline with very well developed characters. The issues this family deals with will tie you up in knots, make you angry, and make you cry all at the same time.

Rodney E (ru) wrote: A great soundtrack and a lot of the scenes are great. The zooming and camera movements, along with the soundtrack make this better than just soft core crap. The eroticism worked.

Kyle B (de) wrote: A great indie pioneer with a stellar performance from Jack Nicholson. Awesome soundtrack, great cinematography, and a good screenplay though I felt it needed some more story to it. Dennis Hopper does a great job directing and the movie has very unique editing choices that I appreciated.

Matty S (es) wrote: Not easy to find, but well worth it for musical fans. The film is worth seeing for the amazing set and production design. Not to mention and fun cultural moment of Twiggy still in her prime. Fun and imaginative stuff.

Daniel H (es) wrote: Lloyds films were known for being technologically advanced, and simply hilarious. Here, Lloyd's New York setting allows him to practice his perfect comedic slapstick timing in the guise of his "Glasses Character", as well as meet up with Babe Ruth along the way.The wonderful shots of Coney Island in its heyday are astounding. (The Coney Island shots had to be filmed with hidden cameras, a very big technical problem for the time, in order to keep all the people from realizing Harold Lloyd was filming a movie. The crew couldn't get the Amusement Park to close, so the entire sequence was filmed trying to avoid Lloyd getting mobbed by fans.)

Magnus H (ag) wrote: Michael Jai White is a delight to watch on screen. Like Schwartzenegger, he gets marks even for just showing up. Unlike Arnie, he's got more than that to give. The fights are fantastic, mixing impressive choreography with a harsh weight to every kick and every punch. However, there's no challenge, no trial. He just messes up every single person who goes up against him. When his enemy pulls out a sword, you think "Awww yeah, here we go! Let's put him through his paces!" But guess what, he gets a sword too and is a BAD-ASS with it. So what's the point, if he is never in any real peril? Feels too much like a vanity piece on MJW's part, too much bad-assery and no real conflict.Still, though; Fun to watch and if you want a martial arts film with a bit of a difference, you've got it, even if I prefer my heroes to feel like they could possibly be beaten.

Wes S (it) wrote: A novelty film, the novelty being seeing all of these great action stars together in one big action film. Unfortunately, most of them are past their prime, and it's hard to share the spotlight. The action is great, but it just isn't enough to carry the film this time. The characters and plot just aren't developed enough.