Suicide Mission

Suicide Mission

"Shetlandsgjengen", which translates as "the Shetland-gang", relates the true story of the illegal traffic across the North Sea from German occupied Norway to Shetland during World War II. ...

"Shetlandsgjengen", which translates as "the Shetland-gang", relates the true story of the illegal traffic across the North Sea from German occupied Norway to Shetland during World War II. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frdric H (au) wrote: A delightful french comedy that starts with a guy in love that sends an anonymous letter to the owner of a salon . But when the owner sends it to her mother all goes wrong ....

Joey C (jp) wrote: Amazing view into the life of music legend Bob Marley, from dirt poor child hood in the hills and country of Jamaica, to moving to Kingston in search of a better life with his mother. If you are a reggae music lover, or musician, this documemtary is a must see.

KJ P (gb) wrote: Wasting a talented cast on a terribly coincidental plot that never works for a second is a damn shame. Aaron Paul, Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, and Imogen Poots all lead this film as four strangers meet on a rooftop on New Years Eve. As they all share different reasons for wanting to kill themselves, they decide to make a pact to wait and see if they still want to on Valentine's Day. The plot is ridiculous enough for one person, even two, but four? This outlandish and risky topic is turned into a tonally weird film that is both supposed to be taken seriously, while also trying to be funny. It never really reaches either mark, and it left me more puzzled than anything by the end. This film didn't even work as a showcase for these actors, because the script is so simply written that I did not care what they were saying. Giving backstories of each character set after the main events of this film was a very odd decision, as you kind of started to see exactly what was going to happen to everyone before it actually did. In the end, "A Long Way Down" is a tonally jumbled film with a great cast. I still do not really comprehend the message it was trying to send out, and for that, I strongly disliked this film. I do not recommend whatsoever.

Brian H (ru) wrote: Ok, this movie was a bit shitty

Sanjuana Gabriela G (ru) wrote: What an awesome film! I liked the sense how Ben was so unsure of himself, and we thought that maybe he would be able to pull out of the trouble, but he couldn't. I can imagine a weaker willed person being in Ben's shoes... - It's hard to resist money and sex...

Robyn M (de) wrote: Obsession is the name of the game.'Addicted to love'is sharp,unconventional and clever witted. Meg ryan and Matthew Broderick our hopelessly devoted and broken hearted by there latest break-up. oddly enough there partners are together. And so the green eyed monster takes over Ryan/Broderick become a revengeful duel.pulling silly ways to break there past loves up.

Justin B (ru) wrote: The most aggrivatingly uneventful and poorly produced film I've ever seen. Its only merits come from its so-bad-its-good qualities.

Dustin D (gb) wrote: School of the Holy Beast is an inventive nunsploitation film (an obscure exploitation subgenre similar to women in prison). It delivers on the violence and nudity expected from the form, and achieves what it set out to do. While the story and idea behind this film (and genre) may be off-putting, it is at least original and memorable.

Sam M (ag) wrote: Almost as good as the third film, its really something in its own right.

The Critic (jp) wrote: Despite some exceptional examples of effective gags, this Marx Brother caper is unnecessarily overlong and offers moments of boredom. There's no questioning the talent involved here, and the chemistry between the players goes without saying, but the script just doesn't come together.

Greg W (nl) wrote: one of the man of a 1000 faces aka lon chaney sr gives one of his best performances here

Mike B (es) wrote: Fish out of water baseball film starring one of my favorites, TS. He is let down by a poor story, and even his charm cannot make this a winner.

Ronan M (de) wrote: Possibly the greatest movie of all time. The town crier/priest delivers one of THE great performances

Trey B (de) wrote: The Amazing Spider-Man is a pretty good start to a reboot.

Morrison B (gb) wrote: very good but never happend in history !!!!!!!