Suicide Squadron

Suicide Squadron

During World War II, an American newswoman falls for a Polish piano virtuoso...who wants to go back and fight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny M (ca) wrote: The beginning was slightly too abrupt, never really letting you connect with the characters. However quite quickly the movie really picks up and manages to be tragically comical, heartbreaking, and just a real emotional rollercoaster. I don't mind admitting I was close to tears on several occasions. Disappointingly this movie misses out on greatness in my opinion due to its flat ending. Just felt so underwhelming after the magnificent middle. I can forgive the movie for its abrupt beginning, that could have even worked in its favour if the ending had held real power, but sadly, for me at least, it just didn't work. Far too much of a "and they lived happily ever after" feel to it.However the script is very good and the performances on the whole were outstanding. Fans of Tennant and Parish, familiar faces to British viewers, will be in for a real treat, and if you like emotional drama's with real depth to them then it won't disappoint. So defiantly worth seeing, but a shame it didn't give a bit more, especially disappointing when you consider it really wasn't too far off.

Tom K (kr) wrote: Avoid this movie. It doesn't know what it is or where it's going. Great scene, however, with John Turturro reenacting a scene from the Godfather, but nothing else fits or works

Andrew M (ca) wrote: Say what you will about Michael Moore and his approach to documentary filmmaking, but the man isn't afraid to speak his mind: that becomes very evident upon viewing his Oscar winning documentary Bowling for Columbine. The documentary tackles not only the ever-raging debate of gun control, but also looks at American society as a whole and the many facets that have shaped us into the society we currently are. These points are often compelling and hard-hitting, sometimes frighteningly so, but Moore struggles in the actual execution of said points: the film lacks cohesion, and jumps randomly from point to point with no real transition. It certainly doesn't help that the film occasionally reeks of self-indulgence, noticeably towards the end of the film. It's not the greatest documentary in terms of actual watchability (the 120 minute runtime feels a little too long), but in terms of raising awareness of its subject and stoking the metaphorical fire, Bowling for Columbine does a pretty good job.

Brinn O (au) wrote: Alexander Payne is not only a genious but a poet and a story teller. In this story he really tells you the flaws of isolation and the "american way" He takes reality and has fun with it by making storys out of it and making it memorable.

Dan G (es) wrote: sweet film about growing up, screwing up and making huge mistakes. sweet, in a weird sort of way.

Mike D (gb) wrote: Meg Ryan was a bad chick back in the day.

Vivek A (nl) wrote: What a great title. A slow burn movie. If you haven't seen a bunch of Bronson flicks, avoid. Otherwise you will like it. Nice swiss setting

Byron B (it) wrote: David Carradine handles singing and playing as the great Woody Guthrie with equanimity. The soundtrack is glorious. This was made just as Carradine was finishing his tv show Kung Fu. The filmmakers choose some odd life events (mostly fictionalized) to illustrate what Guthrie's life was like before making his way to California. And yet he spends most of the time hitching and walking west without picking up a guitar. The film does not shy away from Guthrie being unfaithful to his wife and the other marital problems he faced being such a wanderin' ramblin' man. Similarly to the characters in The Grapes of Wrath, Woody Guthrie observes and confronts the plight of the working folk caught up in the dust bowl migration. Ronny Cox plays Ozark Bule, a radio folk musician, who visits the work camps and turns Woody on to his call as a singer/activist. At this point we are treated to more songs, both traditional and Guthrie's own. Ozark, a fictional character, stays quite close to Guthrie as they entertain the poor mostly out of work mid-westerners and try to spread the empowering force of unions. Carradine as Guthrie struggles hard to not "sell out" to commercial interests. This movie introduced the Steadicam, which contributed to its winning the Cinematography Oscar. An artistic film of the life of a folk hero.

Brian S (gb) wrote: Little Murders is one of the many, many under-seen gems of the 1970's. Funny, and dark. Whimsical, and angry. It is one of those films with which you cannot put your finger upon its pulse. I love Little Murders and it is in my top ten of the 1970's.

Joel A (ru) wrote: A truthful & hard bitingly honest depiction of a struggling British Couple having a Long Weekend in Paris & re-connecting with an old friend.I find this film may be to hard hitting for Rom Com followers but had some terrific scenes that where truthful. Jim Broadbent was sensational in his role & added much depth.The location of Paris is used superbly & is an important for struggling marriages. A clever film that is worth a viewing.

Steve S (br) wrote: Over all this is just a very boring and dull movie. The acting and cast is solid, but the editing is just pathetic.