Suitcase of Love and Shame

Suitcase of Love and Shame

A forbidden love story played out in a decade that would soon spawn the sexual revolution. Part historical documentary and part experimental narrative the film reconstructs a mesmerizing and erotic narrative from 60 hours of reel-to-reel audiotape discovered in a suitcase. Recorded in the 1960's by a Mid-western woman and her lover they chronicle the details of their adulterous love affair. Reliant on recording devises to document and memorialize their affair the tape recorder evolves as a confidant, witness and participant, always omnipresent creating a welcomed threesome. Mirroring the compulsion to confess ones indiscretions in today's Internet world these captivating recordings speak to an audience that can remember Bert Parks as well as one who has never set finger to a rotary phone.

A forbidden love story played out in a decade that would soon spawn the sexual revolution. Part historical documentary and part experimental narrative the film reconstructs a mesmerizing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JJ W (it) wrote: It's rare to see a World War I film that doesn't overstep itself and becomes a didactic speech about the horrors of war. While containing anti-war elements, Beneath Hill 60 does a fantastic job keeping the focus of the story on the occurrence of the battle instead of turning into a lecture. However, the only complaint I would have against the movie is that the crosscutting isn't as effective as the film wants it to be. The inclusion of the German side towards the second half of the movie is admirable but also a little clumsy. However, that said the film does make up for a few storytelling errors with an incredible cinematography and a strong cast. Ultimately, while not on the same level as The Hurt Locker or The Thin Red Line, Beneath Hill 60 is still a very earnest look at a small group's efforts in a brutal war.

Charmayne E (ca) wrote: creepy LUV IT!!!!!

Samuel B (de) wrote: Excellent movie, and I would say this one deserves awards. I suppose that I have grown to accustomed to the formulaic/unrealistic hollywood stories and movies, and that movies like this one bring one back down to Earth to remember that life is really a bittersweet experience, some pleasant, some not so pleasant, and everything in between, whatever you decide to label it at any given moment I suppose. This story is about a Swedish family in the early 1900's, living in the times before labour revolutions in Europe, and when people lived a pretty meager existence, had many of the same struggles we still have today with a lot less material wealth, but still enjoyed themselves and lived interesting lives all the same. Check this one out, its not really for entertainment, but its a good one.

Dan N (nl) wrote: Very surprising film. Was expecting just a bunch of guys underwater but instead we got a realistic, tense thriller set in around underground caves. God knows why James Cameron has his name all over it considering he didn't direct or produce it! Very enjoyable, although Ioan Gruffudd's American accent is too over the top for me... as bad as Ewan McGregors! That aside, good film!

Ronie D (au) wrote: I guess to get more I will have to read the book

Waleed A (de) wrote: i liked this movie the first time i watched it freshman year of college. the second time not so much. and there won't be a third. the two complements i can give this movie are an interesting premise and some cool movie making techniques for a low budget film. the acting is TERRIBLE. so is the dialogue and characters. seriously, i hated all of the characters. they were either annoying, stupid or unrealistic. and it had no substance. it was basically weird just for the sake of being weird (2 viewings)

Richard D (br) wrote: It's not surprising that a film featuring a main character that can only see the world through the lens of movies would remind me of so many other movies. Not in a bad way though. Martin Donovan's film doesn't collect moments from other films so much as it invokes their mood. The biggest touchstone is Polanksi, especially "The Tenant". The blend of hostile paranoia and repressed sexuality reproduces the atmosphere of that film (as well as invoking its setting).

Greg W (mx) wrote: gr8 chemistry between the Bergman's

Sylvester E (fr) wrote: A delight tale from start to finish. Add this wonderful Hollywood classic to your collection.

Marcia L (fr) wrote: Purrrrrrty good flick. Bernie Mac = Mmmmm hmmmm