Sujata (Nutan) is adopted by the Upedendranath and Charu Chowdhury and grows up along side their daughter Rama. Adhir (Sunil Dutt) enters the Chowdhury family and is considered a suitor for Rama. However, Adhir likes Sujata and intends to marry her but Sujata's past becomes an point of contention. Adhir's family will not accept a lower-case girl as their daughter-in-law. The movie beautifully portrays the prevalent caste system in Indian society.

The movie basically revolves around the caste system that is prevelant in India even to this day. It also raises interesting questions regarding family ties and how deep they can be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill R (ag) wrote: This isn't a good movie but it's an improvement for Seltzer and Freidberg and I laughed a couple times 98 percent of the jokes fall flat, but I was mildy entertained and chucked a couple times. This is a slight improvement but still An awful comedy.Grade D+

JJ D (ag) wrote: Good doc on an alternative view of climate change. Challenges current perceptions on the issue, while offering several alternative solutions. Brings up several good points on why current practices don't make sense, with a focus on cost analysis and ineffectiveness of current measures being taken to reverse climate change. Everyone should watch.

Byron B (us) wrote: Lillian Hellman's famous dysfunctional Hubbard clan lives in the turn of the 20th century South. Solid performances from the whole cast, although I've never been a big fan of Bette Davis. The film adaptation of the stage play only trims or changes the dialogue in a few cases, the biggest change being in the addition of the character of David Hewitt. David (Carlson) is a young newspaper man, who wishes to court Regina's (Davis) daughter Alexandra "Zan" Giddens (Wright). David is the outside observer of the dysfunctional habits of the family like we, the audience, are. And through him we observe more of Zan's personality than the stage play allows us to see. Both end with Zan leaving her family home, but the movie seems more hopeful since you know the guy that she leaves to start a new life with.

Tyson P (au) wrote: pretty crazy cgi. what happened to his crazy sci fi gun though? after a while hes using spears?

Countess N (kr) wrote: It was okay athough i watched it on a small tv and had the volume on full and could still not hear it very it lives up to its title. The kid was an annoying pesky little shit rather than scary though.

House M (fr) wrote: Completly stupid and waist of someone's time and patience. Not a must see more a must avoid. Disapointing from Johnnie To and Wai Kai-Fai.

Patrick F (es) wrote: Amazing. There is something in this that really transcends my rational thought. That the artist makes his work and is perfectly cognizant that it will almost certainly be "destroyed" is really amazing. However, 'destroyed' is a poor word choice. His work is not destroyed. It is created into something else. A feeling of the life cycle is evoked while watching his art created and destroyed. I cannot help but be reminded of William Basinski's "The Disintegration Loops", which although entirely different in that Basinski's work is unnatural while Goldsworthy's only uses nature, both elicit thoughts of a perfectly natural process??death. Sometimes, that process is even more beautiful than the original work itself.There is more to Goldsworthy's work that is awe inspiring as well. Some of it is simply amazing. His touch with nature is enviable.As far as the film aspect of it, it is very well done. The cinematography is wonderful. The pace is quite slow, which does perfect justice to the subject's work. The music by Fred Frith is also quite awesome.I was going to rate this a very high four stars, but screw it. Four-and-a-half. I apologize for the probably-nonsensical review.

Sanford R (es) wrote: This is actually a cool movie! Very funny and definitely worth the watch.

Private U (us) wrote: a brilliant screenplay, especially the berlin "philosophy" scenes. hartley performances from the cast, but the shorter sequences make those mannered performances seem brighter rather than dull and affected. i love it.

Luciano G (us) wrote: This is another creation from Luigi Cozzi and Lou Ferrigno, who both birthed a couple of cheesy Hercules adaptations in the 80s...... this one pretty much follows suit with their previous work by including tons of horrible looking special effects, bad acting, and Ferrigno acting through his biceps......this one is particularly disjointed, and suffers from not having the bright pretty colors that at least made "Hercules" fun to look at it........ I can't recommend this, but if you like your fantasy all wholesome and enjoy a terrible movie every once in a while, it can be a laugh riot.....

Private U (us) wrote: A beautifully told story. I really enjoyed this film.

Andres D (gb) wrote: It is a powerful film, immerses you in the life of travis that even puts you to think in and continue its history

Amika S (fr) wrote: Amazing. You have to see this to believe it.

Josh T (es) wrote: This film is evidence that a Batman story can involve Robin without camp.

Cody C (ag) wrote: Wonderful to look at, but the editing and pacing and storytelling is so lacking that it's hard to make it through it all.

Joe W (au) wrote: Eyes Wide Shut, sadly the only last touch of Stanley Kubrick before he passed away. A 1999 we witness the last Stanley Kubrick film of the 20th century. As I may be five years old when it was released, and witness it in my adult years. I find this film yet to be sad because he is one of the greatest and my favorite directors of all time. From a killer kiss to eyes wide shut. Once again by its rich cinematography that Stanley Kubrick always brings do all of his films which story telling rich screen writing. And possibly one of the best acting do woes I have ever seen. Nicole Kidman the leading actress plays a wife to her former husband in real life Tom Cruise. If you really want to see Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's best acting this film is it. This is my absolute favorite performance of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman really rich I have never ever seen a good movie that they ever done in their wives when I saw this the first time this is a truly and yet sexually active masterpiece I have ever seen in my life. People say this is just a porn film by Kubrick. As I really don't care about the sexual mine of this film. What really brings of this film is a father trying to abandon his wife that's how I see in this film and that's what really was the strong characteristic of this film. Like if you see in the shining you have a father that wants to kill his wife and son. As for eyes wide shut, we see a father wanting to do more than caring for his family, for abandoning a bad trace that will bring into his life. Is filmed that he was post to do after eyes wide shut was artificial intelligence. But then Steven Spielberg to go over the project to bring in a friends work of art. I believe the film was OK when I first saw artificial intelligence directed by Steven Spielberg, I believe it was OK but it didn't have that Kubrick touch. But then again Steven Spielberg is a good friend to Stanley Kubrick and mentor to cinema. I thought it was very sweet for Steven Spielberg making a film that he really didn't care to do but just for I departed friend. For eyes wide shut this is a unique way of storing telling about building a family. Stanley Kubrick had many steppingstones to Cinema, and hell I believe that they should have a statue in his honor. It is very sad that he had many projects after eyes wide shut but never got to do it. And as for Stanley Kubrick he is one the most interesting yet One of the most versatile unique directors or storytellers that I've ever witnessed by watching film. Stanley Kubrick is the best and I suggest that you should see all of his films because they are truly masterpieces. Same as eyes wide shut the last symphony that he ever played. Grade a perfect 10