Sukepan deka: Bâjin nêmu = Moromie Saki

Sukepan deka: Bâjin nêmu = Moromie Saki

Seki, a sexy agent working for the Japanese government, is sent undercover to a high school to break up a prostitution ring being run there.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:parody,   sex,   erotica,  

Seki, a sexy agent working for the Japanese government, is sent undercover to a high school to break up a prostitution ring being run there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sukepan deka: Bâjin nêmu = Moromie Saki torrent reviews

Bethany C (jp) wrote: This movie, while a bit cheesy, was fairly enjoyable. It did seem to run on with no real purpose and a lot of the "sins" were not horrific at all, and the acting seemed a bit over the top. There was no real characterization either. It seemed a bit empty and unfilled out as a story, a bit incomplete. There was very little tension because of the lack of characterization or plot. All in all, it was efficient, had a somewhat expected twist. It was enjoyable, but totally unremarkable.

Jim B (kr) wrote: Slow at the beginning but once it picks up it goes full speed since its only an hour and twenty minutes. The ending was the real kicker though.

Stephanie S (ag) wrote: Heart warming movie. Seemed a whole lot longer than just 100 minutes though.....

Kerby H (au) wrote: The Departed is far superior, but this story and direction are done incredibly well.

Joe M (us) wrote: Slow paced and not a very clear plot line yet for some reason this movie just sticks in my head. The mood and the build up to the somewhat anticlimactic ending just really worked for me.


Shawn W (jp) wrote: Chuck Norris is a one man army killing an entire Columbia drug gang while saving a girl caught in the crossfire of gang warfare. The best part though is Norris serving as an uncorruptable role model to a young cop who aids a police cover up.

Kim B (nl) wrote: I thought movie was very funny and I loved the message. I have to admit I was a bit wary of this film at first bc of the age difference and disturbing suicide scenes, but u have to take this film with a grain of salt-its corky. The age difference was weird, although u see it in Hollywood in other films but gender roles reversed. The main messages were wonderful-Live life to the fullest, embrace ur uniqueness, and love who u want to. That police chase scene was comedic genius! I just loved Maudes character who was such a breath of fresh air in a sea of young cookie cutter beautiful actresses. Hello Hollywood casting agents: more Maudes and less bimbos please. She didn't need plastic surgery to showcase her youthfulness or beauty. Why aren't there more roles like this for women? Maudes acting was impeccable. Def recommend this movie!

JeanFrancois V (us) wrote: As the movie poster says, "Gorgo" is "like nothing you've ever seen before." It's not like "King Kong", because it stars Godzilla. And it's not like "Godzilla" either, because it has the same story as "King Kong". So it's really a different sort of movie. I'm glad I saw this film a second time, even though it's not worth seeing even once, because I'd felt really bad for not liking it in the early eighties. I was a teenager then, and I'd read a review in my favorite movie magazine which praised it as a profound and sensitive monster movie, a hidden gem of British cinema, a classic. I found it boring and ridiculous, and it made me think there was something wrong with me. Maybe I was just one of those shallow kids who can only appreciate the latest trendy movie and are unable to relate to the better, less commercial, earlier stuff. So it felt almost like a personal vindication to watch this again at 42, with the MST3K commentary, and to realise that I was right and the grown up who wrote the magazine article was wrong: "Gorgo" is laughably bad and pretentious. Lourie may have studied painting in Paris. He may have started his career as an art director and a production designer in the 1930s. He may have collaborated with the likes of Jean Renoir and Charles Chaplin. But "Gorgo" is not the kind of movie you should pretend to like in order to pass for a discerning film buff. Some of my favorite lines from the MST3K commentary include: "Here's the script. You take my part in the movie for a while"; "I didn't know elephants exploded on impact"; and "I don't think he was the first officer ever" "That's exactly what they're saying!"

Stefan G (jp) wrote: By now, I've seen a lot of heroic fantasy films, and I have to say that this is perhaps one of the most defining examples of the genre. For me, this is the kind of film that was perfect for Arnold Schwarzenegger, almost as though it was made with him in mind for the lead role. Of course, it would be highly superficial of me to say it's just him that makes this film great. The story was paced very well, and I got the sense of adventure that any good heroic fantasy film should provide. The performances are of exceptional merit, which is quite a surprise in a film where the acting isn't the most important element. The visuals have aged very well, with set pieces, costumes, and environments that instantly appeal to the eye. But of course, the most appealing part of the film is the violent action that, in my opinion, characterizes heroic fantasy. The 1980's may have been replete with cash-grabbing imitators, but this film is one of the few heroic fantasy films from that era that actually stands out among the crowd. After all, there aren't many other films that can claim to have the same appeal and magnetism as Conan the Barbarian.