Sukhmani- Hope For Life is a story based on the Journey of Major Kuldeep Singh, played by Gurdas Maan, a decorated officer of the Para Battalion, who overcomes personal trauma and social indignity to uphold the morals of the army and the honour of a woman rejected by society and family, while keeping alive the memory of his beloved daughter Sukhmani.

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Shaun B (fr) wrote: Amazing WWII miniseries. Not as good as "Band of Brothers", but still well done & made.

Caleb B (fr) wrote: I am disappointed that this film slipped through my radar for this long. The acting may not be a list, but the creativity done throughout the film provides for a very good movie that I will watch again.

ethan g (br) wrote: first review: how do i start, i'll start with giving something positive, characters can be very attractive to a teenage male loving audience, but for me it was a bit too homoerotic, which is ironic for me, watching with my dad it felt embarrassing, as him being naturally homophobic it was a little cringe worthy for me, luckily he didn't notice it. I did not like how the the film jumps in the time line and goes over covered ground, which just suggests to me van sant panning out for time, such as the slow motion takes on several key characters. If i take anything from the film it is more the little things, like the fact a character is allowed into a cafe and order only tap water (not essential to the plot) or the architecture of the bridge where there is a quite nostalgic feeling shot where a boy tosses a sports item into. IF you like grass in your film, there quite a bit of it, in these dream like sequences as a boy narrates his recent personal inter-brain tw1tterfeed. It is arthousy so if thats your thing then go on, what i'll ever say wont cut it just have what i said in mind. its like some who collects ming vases, yes its a bit chipped but everything else is just like one, so why not? [ok i can tell this isn't working out so its probably my last, i just like to pass on my complaints but that's a bit snobbish, my purpose for being here is that i believe i give better opinions on film than most people here, no one seems to 'get' reviewing, most people think its an excuse to say needless negatives]

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 89%Watched this on 30/12/14In the Name of the Father is one of the most exceptionally directed real life crime movies. It's performances are good and unlike other real life stories, it is well paced and doesn't lag at all.

Manch F (au) wrote: So bad its ALMOST good.

Conner R (ru) wrote: This is to Spaghetti Westerns like Zombi 2 is to horror. It is just all over the place crazy. Between the peyote ritual, full frontal male nudity in the pouring rain at a graveyard and a Charles Manson gunslinger villain, this goes beyond what you might see coming. The hippie soundtrack is a nice touch. I always love a good Lucio Fulci movie to just assure myself that you can never explore enough in film. He really goes where no Italian film maker ever wanted to go.

Chris A (mx) wrote: This movie is so smart its scary. It is a power commentary on how the media irresponsibly speculates on stories and creates a narrative that does not reflect the reality. The scary thing is how realistically it reflects reality.

Kevin L (gb) wrote: Watched this again after many years. I like period pieces especially historical war stories. I had forgotten how this movie really was.

roy s (br) wrote: great Action packed movie

Tom H (es) wrote: Thin story has some great gags and a walloping climactic chase.

Genie K (gb) wrote: need to watch - in instant quie