Sukiny deti

Sukiny deti

The story about actors who will never agree to betray their theatre even if they will have to burn themselves. And other instructions how to behave if a whiskered man breaks into your house and wants you to leave it.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:theater,   satire,  

Завязка фильма основана на реальной исторической ситуации, сложившейся в театре на Таганке, когда его руководитель Юрий Любимов уехал из СССР (1984) и сделал ряд антипартийных высказываний, после чего его отстранили от управления театром и лишили гражданства. «Сукины дети» рассказывает о том, как труппа восприняла эти события и давление на них государства, а также показывает события, которые не случились — забастовку артистов, голодовку, угрозу самосожжения и смерть одного из них. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe B (br) wrote: a king cobra is on the loose in a small quite town

Tom W (ca) wrote: Fair attempt, but doesn't grab the audience.

Hiya G (mx) wrote: Not horrible. Funny as always

Juan J (mx) wrote: ...una pelcula fresca, amena y muy romntica... se las recomiendo a todos! Apoyo al cine venezolano!

Oscar H (us) wrote: Hyggligt spnnande WWII-rulle, som uppvisar en del likheter med gamla godingar som Hjltarna frn Telemarken. Filmen stryker obevekligt den norska patriotismen medhrs.

Subhashini S (de) wrote: this should be renamed to " boxing ka bhoot " a complete torture !

Angela K (au) wrote: This was a pretty good movie.... a little bit slow but a nice story and the cinemetography was beautiful. Confirms why I would want to visit China someday. I have to admit the majority of people probably wouldn't really get into this movie but I am a strange one..... love the artsy fartsy and foreign films!! Makes me dream I am someplace else... I prefer foreign films at home so when my eyes get tired of the subtitles I can just take a break.... but remember.... some of the best movies ever had subtitles... Life is Beautiful... Babel... Maria Full of Grace... Check one out every now and then.

Young K (es) wrote: Bad movie. I guess the concept is half decent. I gave it one star just because I like Christopher lamber, Lou Diamond Phillips and Ron Pearlman. Don't worry guys, you will make it someday. Kelly Brook is also very pretty. Ah...I'll give it a half a star more for her.

Adam C (ca) wrote: Watching this film for a second time was a revelation. It is even more compelling and exciting then I had ever remembered. On one level the film is an effective and hyper real police procedural. Homicide felt as real and gritty as nearly any cop film I have seen. The cop talk, the grimy locals and the murky feel all worked well. As a genre film it just works. On the other hand though the film transcend film noir basics and evolves into a fascinating character study of a man finding his place in the world. Joe Mantegna gives a strong performance as a detective who struggles with his faith. David Mamet is the true master of this film. His script is hard noised and has some great lines in it. Mamet, as usual, keeps a few secrets from the audience and adds a few brilliant twists. This really is a brilliant piece of work.

Steve B (au) wrote: HOW DOES THIS HAVE 79 PERCENT?!

JorGy (mx) wrote: it seems like a good movie

Esteban Maximiliano C (kr) wrote: even though it's not perfect it's still an enjoyable film that is really heart felling and cute. it's one of those films that help you see the wonders of life

Sally S (de) wrote: I've seen it on youtube it's really sad for a little girl but it was amazing.

Alan L (jp) wrote: The Camera is lack focused in some parts but the action will serve you right,from Action Director Yuen Woo Ping and Jet Li is BLACK MASK!!A Great time waster.Don't expect too much,my advice.

Frank B (us) wrote: I love Graham Greene's role here since the reason why he kidnapped those 2 men to teach them a hard lesson.

Warren B (es) wrote: one of my favorite movies

Stephon S (ru) wrote: Slow. Painfully slow. Chock full of boring and irrelevant filler. And to cap it off, it boasts one of the worst, most unsatisfying conclusions of any movie I have ever seen. Just terrible.

Alex H (ca) wrote: Malle's jazzy dram-com is unlike anything you've ever seen. It's semi-incestuous undertone and the portrayal of adolescent sexual awakening may make this a hard film for some to watch, but to me it's just a joy to watch. It's one of the prime examples of why I think Louie Malle is one of the finest French filmmakers in the history of cinema. Up with Truffaut, Godard, Melville. I even might say he surpasses greats like Renoir, Bresson, and Cocteau. That is indeed a big deal considering the public opinion of those very fine directors.

Loren S (br) wrote: Still a great film. One of my favorites.

Aaron T (mx) wrote: Has a lot going on, but is well acted and thoroughly entertaining.