Shah is the leader of the Mugal tribe in Asia; when he gets news that bandit, Razoulli and his gang are coming to launch an attack on their region, he is petrified and asks his people to ...

Sultan is the only son of Mr. and Mrs.Razoulli and lives a comfortable life. Sultan has been taught all the skills needed for a warrior to defend himself and his tribe circa the Mughal rule... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Strother M (br) wrote: Despite the beautiful scenery of Montana's Beartooth Mountains, this film might as well have been subtitled "Cowboy Crybabies." Not sure how to respond to herders who alternate between calling their sheep "ladies" and "motherf---ing mountain-climbing cocksuckers." Sort of like Brokeback Mountain, without the love story. Or much of a plot.

Private U (br) wrote: This is an amazing documentary on the genious that was Jack Smith.

juan l (ag) wrote: que mierda mas mala!

Kristy O (jp) wrote: What a snooze fest. It had some creepy moments, but not enough to redeem this movie. AVOID.

Sanford R (nl) wrote: This was a horrible movie. I don't know why I even bothered to sit through the whole thing. A waste of your time and money.

Eric H (ag) wrote: I think this movie is ok I mean it has heaps of action and stuff in it but it just lacks something. Geofrey Lewis plays his role well and so does JCVD. But overal an ok film.

Bridget C (ca) wrote: Bizarre and beautiful film replete with irritating sisters, out-of-touch fathers, fiancee stealing, and all-around familial disfunction.

Tony B (ag) wrote: Barbra as a possibly bipolar hooker is priceless.

Brian D (kr) wrote: it's so ridiculous I can't help but like it. Enjoyable + funny B move

Stephen C (us) wrote: even the laconic robert mitchum and the sultry jane russell can't save me from nodding off

Prach P (de) wrote: I can't believe this is by Bertolucci. It's so bad I stopped watching half an hour into the movie. The dialogues are ridiculous. The plot is ridiculous. Its presentation of Buddhism is as superficial and full of cliches as you could get. I blame movies like this for the grossly romanticised and inaccurate understanding of Buddhism in the West.

Ryan W (it) wrote: This film was quite depressing but it is still a powerful and gut wrenching film based on emptiness, family and tragedy

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