An album of picturesque memories reminiscing lost personas.

An album of picturesque memories reminiscing lost personas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PradEep I (de) wrote: I"tS tRuE ....'' Love Is All You Need ,,....!

Muhammad A (ag) wrote: The film starts with a peasant quoting Kierkegaard before he announces a cockfight. It goes downhill from there. It seems Iranian/Kurdish film-makers are tailoring their films for European film-festival circuits more than they are for a local audience. Turtles Can Fly was a work of genius; this was just pretentious crap.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: Awesome action flick, not for bleeding hearts.

J D (ru) wrote: Crossing over tackles the various issues if immigration through the lens of several different individuals and their families. The movie jumps head first into a subject matter that is quite touchy and from the looks of reviews on here, its a subject that many people don't want to address. Don't confuse dislike of the subject material with the movies quality. The movie itself is well acted and is worth watching, but it does struggle in a one key area. There is not have enough time to tie all of the separate stories together; limiting itself to 2 or 3 at most would have been sufficient and enabled the film makers to delve more deeply into each one. Instead we are left wanting more time and less ambiguity.

Stance T (gb) wrote: music make this film shine ;)

Scott M (ru) wrote: Extremely cheesy movie I still really enjoy about a boxer during really hard times back in the 1930's. Russell Crowe is awesome. Good movie. But so over the top with its sentiment. To a point of silliness.

Gregory W (jp) wrote: sorry have 2 use the pun macdonald lights up the screen

Greg R (br) wrote: Nothing phenomonal, has tones of problems. Not the worst or anything, but I wouldn't recommend checking this one out.

Asa B (br) wrote: Tom Hanks wins you over with his ever-present charm in this back to college flick.

Dustin P (nl) wrote: It's a very odd film. None of the characters behave like real people, which often led to confusion instead of laughter. There were many times where my wife & I turned to each other to say things like "who are these people?" and "who acts like that?". Not saying that films HAVE to be realistic, but I think a bit more realism could have made the characters more relatable and memorable.