Summer Frenzy

Summer Frenzy


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Summer Frenzy torrent reviews

Alex B (us) wrote: The greater of the worst films of this year I've seen. The acting is cringey and comical coupled with a cheesy and lacklustre screenplay.

Kerri B (ca) wrote: Wonderful film. Great casting, directing, and writing.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: The conclave scenes were amusing.

Brian G (es) wrote: It was ok. Sort of like a Bermuda Triangle in the middle of this forest they all go walking through. Eventually they all start to lose their minds. It came off at times as a Sci-Fi made for Tv movie. The story seemed pretty aimless too.

l i n d (jp) wrote: It has its moments, but nooo... It's funny and maybe a bit cute, but it's also boring and hopeless.

Lee H (ag) wrote: Although the humour is aimed more towards adults, there is enough to keep everyone entertained. It has a good story, good visuals and just the right running time

Serena O (es) wrote: Another Sloppy romance story, luv just melts ma heart

Micki K (us) wrote: Oh the badly translated dialogue alone makes it worth watching. It's typical Spaghetti Horror.

Nathan A (fr) wrote: My favorite film of all time. Spectacular from start to finish. SEE IT!

Vyacheslav K (us) wrote: A great horror film that was critically misunderstood at the time of its release. The acting isn't great, but the unique premise and eerie atmosphere make this a classic in the horror genre.

Tom H (ag) wrote: Lacks in both plot and execution, but i still found the fight sequences to be entertaining. The sudden love interest one of the characters get midway are laughable. It just has no place in a film with barely no real actors. shit almost all fighters in the film use their real life names for their characters.

Robert H (gb) wrote: Big Jake has literally changed the way I think of old time westerns. When I first saw the rated PG for "western violence" I figured I'd be seeing lots of bar brawls, people getting thrown through windows and the mandatory person getting shot on the second story of a building, clutching his stomach and then falling through the banister. Boy was I in for a surprise! Big Jake opens with a scenario of a bunch of bed fellas riding into a ranch and killing everyone in a bloody massacre. Young and old, women and children via pistol, rifle, shotgun and machete; nobody is safe. And there's plenty more action after that mixed in with an adventure story and a family drama as well. Big Jake seems to have it all and has kinda peaked my curiousity with regards to other old thyme westerns. I'm not going to go out of my way to see them, but I'm no longer going to avoid them either.