Summer Games

Summer Games

The story of an adult and a teenage couple during a brief summer holiday by the sea. While Nic's parents remain trapped in a precarious mutual dependency despite repeated attempts at reconciliation, their 12-year-old son tries to come to terms with his father's traumatizing violent outbursts in games with other children. He tries to teach Marie, who is of his age and suffers from her own relationship with her father, to feel nothing. In fact, both of them are transformed by their experience of the joys and pains of first love.

The story of an adult and a teenage couple during a brief summer holiday by the sea. While Nic's parents remain trapped in a precarious mutual dependency despite repeated attempts at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trouble S (jp) wrote: Oustainding thriller!

Baye M (gb) wrote: Don't know what movie those critics above were watching, or maybe they've just forgotten how to laugh at inappropriate humor. But this movie had enough LOLs to highly recommend. It ain't perfect but it's sure as hell as funny as anything else the Farrelly bros have made, and even funnier than some of them! I'd put it on par with There's something about Mary and and higher than Dumb and Dumber on the laugh meter. From Hugh Jackman's opening to that damn animated cat at the closing, laughs galore.

Matthew T (kr) wrote: Better than its predecessor for sure.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Interesting little flick that in some ways copys the style of Garden State. A well shot coming of age story that makes you feel good while watching these characters develop.

Panos K (us) wrote: Visually stunning; a true work of art.

Andrew M (us) wrote: Odd little movie with an original plot- what if you came into possession of a list of everyone you would ever sleep with-what would you do with it? Simon Baker plays the lead role pretty well, but it's Winona Ryder who steals the show as the alluring femme fatale who is destined to cross paths with our protagonist- she really needs to get back into big movies, she is a great actress.

Nicholas F (kr) wrote: As a big fan of the horror genre I have in recent years (like the last twenty) been pretty disappointed with the slasher trash and lightweight "horror" that has been produced. I actually thought "The Last House In The Woods" was a pretty good attempt at real horror. Yes, it has its cheesy moments but the fact is it was pretty damn gruesome and quite disturbing. Genuinely disturbing...isn't that what us horror fans are looking for? Rent the unrated version only and you will most definitely be horrified. Truly one of the most disturbing films I have seen in a long time- and in this overdone genre- disturbing is quite refreshing.

Matthew D (us) wrote: Just a laugh a minute, nothing serious no real story line.

Matt G (it) wrote: When in conflict, the only true path to healing comes through empathy. Remember the Titans knows this and, like the sport of football itself, is full of attitude and heart. Washington's commitment to his performance elevates everything and everyone around him, and even though it's corny and not all of the side stories hold water, it does a brilliant job of placing us in the midst of the racial turmoil. And I really think I need to dust my house...

Marcia L (mx) wrote: Is a "must-see" even if you aren't a hockey fan.

Cal V (ru) wrote: The best love story ever made because it's unlike any other and doesn't go the happy Hollywood route.

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John Mikkiah T (jp) wrote: This movie is awesome! I loved the plot, action, animation & characters! The plot twist absolutely shocked me! MUST WATCH

Jc E (gb) wrote: Charming romantic comedy. Emily was her irresistible self charming two men but must pick one in the end. Establishing salmon fishing in Yemen was only a minor project in the film. The bigger project was the romantic adventures of Emily. She picked intellect and maturity over youth and beauty in the end, much to the delight of Dr Alfred (Ewan McGregor) and the disappointment of Robert the war Hero (Tom Mison). Sleepy Hollow does not do do justice to Tom Mison in conveying that youthful, GQ charm.