Summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin

When you read the title ‘Summer on the Balcony’ you probably think it will be a light Berlin summer comedy but it’s not. This film is an intimate study of two women friends who come to each other because of troubles with everyday life and with men and thus try to enjoy a life based on their ideas.

A tragicomic movie which focuses on two women and their daily struggle for survival during a summer in Berlin. Katrin, a jobless single mom, and Nike, a nurse, live in the same house and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Summer in Berlin torrent reviews

Bob S (au) wrote: Bad acting, bad editing, bad story.

Ty P (es) wrote: Is it good? Not really. Is it bad? It's low budget and C grade, but there's nothing awful about it. Am I missing anything? Definitely not.

Desmon D (es) wrote: I kind of liked, but not enough.

Mike M (mx) wrote: A small turning point, rather than any grand statement of renewed directorial intent - we're not quite in the same authentic territory as, say, Ramin Bahrani ("Man Push Cart", "Chop Shop") - but it works out well for Barron: you sense him revelling in DV's graininess, and not having to worry about applying any Hallmark Channel gloss for once allows him to gather his small but complementary ensemble around him; he gets effective contributions from Gomez Berrios, all touching reticence, and from the adorably forthcoming Yuan... There are niggles: some animated inserts jar, the precise status of Jorge's bullying flatmate remains unclear, and a humourless German character feels like a residual stereotype from Barron's earlier career. But the whole speaks of a fresh new direction, well worth pursuing: the last time anyone attempted a career reboot in this vein, it was former Disney animator James Mangold with the lovelorn diner romance "Heavy" - and he went on to make "Walk the Line" and "3:10 to Yuma".

Cory S (it) wrote: Was much better than the first one, way more going on and more twists. the ending wasn't as good as the first one though.

Leslie R (ca) wrote: Story better than annamation

LeeAnn T (ca) wrote: this is my all time favourite movie.

Anna N (mx) wrote: Not interested. I usually avoid horror movies.

Guillaume H (de) wrote: Bits of camp (the last 15 minutes are uber american tacky and the godly symbolism is dumber than a doorbell) but overall, it looks very good, elegiac 1990 blockbustery filming with gauzy wind and sighs, it has a strong cast and script, the drama goes swiftly into thriller and toward horror but never loses its center. It aged well too.

Rika A (nl) wrote: it's easy.. u just need to do it on pure love!

Dustin G (mx) wrote: This is a fine portrait of its specific time and place, it's just not something I'm interested in. It's well photographed and I liked the struggle the main character was suffering with throughout, but it just didn't really go anywhere. I know that's the point, it just doesn't make for very entertaining stuff. Feels like a docu-drama with really bad acting.

leondria g (ca) wrote: Omg if there were more stars I would give it

Aryaman S (ag) wrote: Avatar ripped the story. Anyways, a memorable 'CULT FILM' about adventure, love and all the fantastical characters - beautifully crafted on to the screen.

Jenn M (jp) wrote: I actually liked this, I wasn't expecting much but the story was decent and understandable in a way (I know that sounds bad) and it was eerie that this was a true story.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Wow, this was terrible! Talk about putting the wrong tone into the wrong movie, is just mind boggling! What was Frank thinking when he was given the power to direct!?