Summer of '42

Summer of '42

Silent as a painting, the movie shows us day-dreamer Hermie and his friends Oscy and Benjie spending the summer of '42 on an US island with their parents - rather unaffected by WWII. While Oscy's main worries are the when and how of getting laid, Hermie honestly falls in love with the older Dorothy, who's married to an army pilot. When her husband returns to the front, Hermie shyly approaches her. Written by Bob Dawson

During his summer vacation on Nantucket Island in 1942, a youth eagerly awaiting his first sexual encounter finds himself developing an innocent love for a young woman awaiting news on her soldier husband's fate in WWII. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (ca) wrote: Dull tale of a reporter who quits her job to get away from it all, goes back to live with her parents and becomes a lifeguard only to get into a relationship with a troubled teen

Tom H (ag) wrote: The plot was predictable but Noomi Rapace`s acting makes it a better film than it really is.

Michael Q (jp) wrote: It's basically just another film to watch, but you could choose something better I'm sure.

Christian S (br) wrote: I just watched this movie and it was beautifully made, smart and uplifting. Can't recommend it enough.

Christopher B (br) wrote: You know it, I know it. Iconic and spectacular filmmaking

Arin D (ru) wrote: I wish Costa-Gavras was still active. This is from 1997 and the satire about TV news is viciously incisive, and the great thing is it isn't dated at all. In fact, it's probably more relevant now that most people don't even watch the news, not even cable news. So the cheaper the gimmicks and the bigger the rhetorical plays to get the viewer back on, the more it feels like it was all predicted.

Paul F (es) wrote: Wesley Snipes, says it all really!

Grant S (gb) wrote: Dull and pretentious movie. Pointless unrelated stories stitched together. One or two of the stories are mildly interesting. However, the rest are incredibly dull, consisting mostly of people talking either about weird but dull stuff, pretentious philosophical things, inane conspiracy theories or boring domestic stuff. I generally like character-driven dramas, but this was horrible. None of the characters are likeable. In fact, they're all incredibly loathsome. But hard to feel engaged in the movie if you hate ALL the characters...Notable only for being Richard Linklater's second movie as director (and writer). Thankfully, he got better. A lot better. His next movie was Dazed and Confused...

Easton D (ag) wrote: A wasted opportunity. You've got one of the finest action directors in Walter Hill (The Driver, The Warriors, Hard Times etc) and one of the manliest casts ever. Nick Nolte, Powers Boothe, Michael Ironside and goddamn Rip Torn! But it's all basically wasted for a throwaway action flick that is forgotten the moment it ends. A real shame.

Keith E (br) wrote: Ozu's first color film brings with it a deft light touch, delightful humor, and the right decision to let the "kids" take over this time. Ozu segues into modernity much easier than his paternal characters. What a delight. I could see Fred MacMurray starring in an English remake in my perfect world.

Asia B (de) wrote: totally forgot i saw this as a kid, watched it again anyway.