Summer of Blood

Summer of Blood

Lousy lover and egocentric Eric Sparrow is dumped by his girlfriend after rejecting her marital proposal. After a few failed dates his luck turns when a chance encounter with a vampire turns him into a sex god.

Erik Sparrow is one of the lucky ones. He's got a good job. He's in a stable relationship. He lives in one of the greatest cities in the world. Does he deserve it? Probably not. He's not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Summer of Blood torrent reviews

Jc C (nl) wrote: YA quiero verla, no vino aca al cine asi q ni modo, toco pirata.

Morgan K (ru) wrote: Kick ass action flick

Molly D (au) wrote: Who can't resist Stitch!

Elliot T (au) wrote: An embarrassing entry in the franchise

Richard H (br) wrote: An enjoyable disney romp that features fewer than normal songs

Dai N (br) wrote: drug, sex, guns = great movie

Jesus C (us) wrote: on of VanDam's worst movies and then with DENNIS. Even worse

armand e (jp) wrote: hmmm.. cant decide yet....

Tim R (ag) wrote: Classic Harrison Ford adventure!

Emily N (gb) wrote: how was this released in the 60's?!

Frances H (nl) wrote: Not a very good modern re-telling of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Frederick March, Spencer Tracey and Jack Palance have nothing to worry about.

Reno V (ca) wrote: "JOHNNY DEPP VERSUS JACK THE RIPPER"- 'From Hell' is a 2001 horror mystery film directed by the Hughes brothers (the Book of Eli) and based upon the many stories surrounding Jack the Ripper, one of the first reported serial killers. Set in the slum called Whitechapel in the Victorian London, this stylish film shows the dramatic and hard life of the poor. I really like the storyline, but moreover the impressive cast: Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands), Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter saga), Ian Holm (Alien) and Heather Graham (Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me). London 1888. The streets of the Whitechapel District are filled with drunks, beggars and prostitutes. Inspector Frederick Abberline (Depp) is summoned by Sergeant Peter Godley (Coltrane) to investigate the brutal murder on Martha Tabram, a prostitute. A part of her kidney has been removed. While his boss thinks that it was a butcher who killed the woman, Abberline suggests that the murderer has a medical knowledge and probably a high classed member of society. He visits Sir William Gull (Holm), the doctor of the Royal Family, who agrees with him that the cutting is the work of an expert. When a second woman of the street is killed, it becomes clear that Mary Kelly (Graham) and her coworkers are in danger. Can Abberline stop the man who is called 'Jack the Ripper'?

Kaman Y (fr) wrote: Cuba Jr always a good actor, but the story line is so shit.

Petros T (fr) wrote: We all know that Helen Mirren is a very classy actress. But even she cannot salvage "Woman In Gold". The film remains uninteresting throughout, with virtually no stakes at all, the clichd direction and flat script clearly unable to elevate the meagre original story to above-par level. The only good things about this is Mirren's charm and one or two good scenes such as the chase in WWII Wien - but they're definitely not enough.