Summer Showers

Summer Showers

70-year-old widower living in a poor Rio de Janeiro suburb falls in love again when he finds a woman of approximately the same age.

70-year-old widower living in a poor Rio de Janeiro suburb falls in love again when he finds a woman of approximately the same age. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex R (au) wrote: Family movie night & we all enjoyed it!

Mangala G (jp) wrote: My child is a little bit afraid of balloons (a balloon popped in her face) so hopefully this movie with help her and show her balloons are actually fun!

Luke M (br) wrote: Despite the best efforts of Oldman, Cumberbatch and Strong, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is let down by its excruciating pace, lack of intrigue and poor casting choices.

Chandni P (ca) wrote: awesome movie................

Zach C (nl) wrote: The writing is a little inconsistent, but who cares? I love what this film has to say. Also, it's funny as hell. Plympton is a genius.

Spookie M (it) wrote: A bizarre film from tobe Hooper with great ideas that don't really mesh to make a coherent movie. Worth it for Mathilda May.

Kaustubh P (us) wrote: Nothing like a bunch of good old rabies-infected zombies to brighten up a sunday afternoon.

Zack B (mx) wrote: Point for style. But overall it's a convoluted mess and the exuberant color scheme is ugly at times, and only really serves to tell characters apart by their suits.

Nicolas A (de) wrote: This was much better then i expect it would be and i already had high expectations. Fritz Lang did once again a wonderful job in directing this great noir drama with one of Henry Fonda's best performances, i almost forgot how good he could act. The suspence is less then in M but there was allot of it in the jail break scene and some other scenes to but it was the story, the directing and Henry Fonda's performance which made the movie for me.

Leslie B (ru) wrote: Such a high score dissapointing...

Johnathon W (ru) wrote: Comedy classic that holds up perfectly, thanks to two outstanding lead performances along with a sharp satire on class & crony capitalism. Murphy & Aykroyd are at their career best, bouncing between super rich & miserably poor effortlessly. Aykroyd particularly shines as his life slowly falls apart, and even when it gets pretty dark, you can't help but laugh. Both leads get great support from the rest of the cast, particularly Jamie Lee Curtis as the hooker with the heart of gold and both Ralph Bellamy & Don Ameche are perfect scumbags. Behind the camera, John Landis makes a pointed satire on class & crony capitalism and how those ahead rig the game to stay that way, while not being an condemnation of the getting rich in general (that's what the heroes ultimately do). Even the ridiculous parts work, some resulting in the film's biggest laughs (the gorilla sequence is laugh out loud funny). Overall, one of the funniest comedies ever and, since it takes place during Christmas, a great holiday film.