Summer Whispers

Summer Whispers

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Summer Whispers torrent reviews

Janika Maria B (fr) wrote: Lindsay Lohan........hmmmm

Greg W (fr) wrote: women pretending 2 b drag queens-hmm not so much

samantha w (us) wrote: series of short stories

Joey T (mx) wrote: A death match fighter's wife runs out on him because she can't stand the abuse anymore so he starts raping and killing women that look like her. He makes the mistake of killing Kristi's (Cynthia Rothrock) sister. This is one of my favorite Rothrock movies!

Evan S (jp) wrote: 2 hours of Goldenrod Miller Paint drying would be more engaging than this horrendously boring flick.

Steven W (us) wrote: Cool concept but a little too over the top with some of the action scenes. Blowing up a helicopter with a car was amazing! Definitely the weakest of the series.

xGary X (nl) wrote: John Ford was responsible for many of the best westerns ever made, but this tedious frontier soap opera is certainly not one of them. Henry Fonda plays a frontier farmer caught up in the war of Independence with new wife Claudette Colbert, a pairing that is of course always watchable, but the story relies far too much on melodrama and frankly bores. Highlights include Fonda's hollow-eyed and shellshocked account of his first battle (which happens off-screen) and Edna May Oliver's cantankerous old broad, and it does pick up a little at the end during the seige of a fort, but it's far too little too late. Add to this the fact that the patriotic climax in which the newly created stars and stripes is raised to signify victory over the English is accompanied by the strains of "God save the King" and I couldn't help thinking that Ford must've been asleep at the wheel for this one...