Summerhill, whose headmistress is Zoe Redhead, is a seventy year old progressive school, run on cooperative lines with pupils having an equal say in its constitution. However officious ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel U (de) wrote: First half had great atmosphere, second half... Wtf happened

Konrad A (de) wrote: Hear is a Fairytale, Snow White and the Huntsman what a good movie. It was sort of scary I would say. The evil Queen Ravena was cool she is strong powerful!! I do like the Huntsman he was funny, khaki he is a good fighter I like how he goes to the dark forest. Where it is creepy but hay he is brave and that's why in the movie you will see fighting and it has all the action!! As well as having funny moments in the movie. Now the action of fighting was a little scary! Snow Whit and the Huntsman need to stop Ravena will that happen now is your chance to see if Snow White will get her Kingdom back. They made A prequel to this movie!

Galvy F (gb) wrote: When receiving the lowest perspective of life to seeing how much progress unfold through the eyes of others to deliver the greatest perspectives to those whom can't see and solely rely on your views from those below and above to know what's best for the country. When all eyes are on the world and your boss but not on you to know how unimportant you are to others but important to the ones you serve. An uncredited important mark on history unseen in the history books.

Gary C (au) wrote: Hollywood made a movie about a successful, African-American, who is devoted husband and father! Not only that he is a Christian, that isn't a psychopath. Dr. Carson is a much needed positive roll model. Too bad the NEA will not allow it to be shown in every class room. Gifted Hands is a gifted movie.

Bruno S (it) wrote: 4h30 de puro pico portugus.Inicialmente estava com um p atrs por causa da sua durao, mas tenho que dizer que souberam ultrapassar essa "contrariedade" e ter um enredo forte que conseguisse prender de todas as maneiras e feitios. Nesse aspecto, no h nada a apontar.Se tive algum desconforto por ver um filme to grande? No de todo. Alm de a ltima parte com os franceses, no ter gostado tanto desse trecho de histria como dos outros.Na vertente mais tcnica, pouco ou nada a apontar ou mesmo criticar. Ruiz esteve excelente.Apenas de realar os nossos actores tugas que afinal no servem s para as telenovelas.

Florence F (br) wrote: oh mon dieu comme c'est naaaazeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse K (us) wrote: It's really not that bad. Scream 3 has a surprising amount of humour and horror commentary that I didn't expect. Unfortunately the characters are weaker, the story isn't worth following and everything starts to taste stale.

Ricky P (fr) wrote: a descent adaptation of the popular 90's tv show. with awesome action, ok acting especially Jason David Frank as the awesome Tommy except Adam who can't fight for shit

Rob H (es) wrote: dumb,dumb dumb, dumb ......... did i mention it was dumb

Noah H (us) wrote: As good as the original.

Ian M (gb) wrote: Chilling stuff, and to think this was the same year as Hour of the Wolf. I guess they make a nice Prozac-popping double bill.

Alice S (ru) wrote: Hokay, so when I first saw this movie, I LOVED it. Like, haven't-had-a-new-favorite-movie-in-a-long-time LOVED it. I thought it had the lewd humor of "Superbad," the zaniness of "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," and the brain and heart of "Juno." But after two rewatches in the past seven years, I've gone from a rave 5-star rating to a fine-but-still-demoralizing 3-star rating. Could it be that I'm over my turn-of-the-century cinematic crushes on intellectual and romantic Jesse Eisenberg and/or withdrawn yet open-book Kristen Stewart? Could it be that in my young adulthood, I've grown jaded by the coolly aimless post-college bildungsroman? The soundtrack, production design, and park hijinx are as whimsically nostalgic as a deep-fried cornmeal-battered sausage on a stick, but my blind spot for the '80s renders this movie a drive down someone else's memory lane.

Luke C (us) wrote: This was a very slow movie and failed to keep the audience entertained. It had no heart and the actors delivered horrible performances! Nothing to see here!!

Katherine I (fr) wrote: This was so bad, there are no words.

Sean C (mx) wrote: A fun watch but now that we are 4 or 5 movies in, you wonder why Annette still puts up with Frankie.