Jerry, not a member of the 'protest generation' but is instead, an 'All American boy,' is drafted into the Army, just as things begin to go well for him. His decision to flee to Canada ...

Jerry, not a member of the 'protest generation' but is instead, an 'All American boy,' is drafted into the Army, just as things begin to go well for him. He decision to flee to Canada ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Trevor A (it) wrote: A 4.5/5.0 and not a full 5.0 as in theory it could have been even better, but given all of the circumstances (no warm up dates) and all of the pressure that was on them the O2 show is certainly something special to behold, and we are lucky to have it captured in Celebration Day. There were some "wow" moments - Trampled Underfoot comes to mind - and no real big disappointments. There was clearly a lot of joy shared onstage, and the conclusion of Rock 'N Roll was wonderful as Jimmy, John and Robert took in Jason's awesome tribute to his father. Kudos to David Carruthers and his film crew for a truly brilliant visual experience of Led Zeppelin in performance for what will likely be for the last time.

Renee L (au) wrote: This is a bizarre little must-see movie! It is very funny, though it does require patience at times. It seems like some reviewers were disappointed because it did not offer the religious satire that in their minds it allegedly promised. Sorry, folks. It does not denigrate religion, but rather shows its human side. Priests are people, too, who have crises of vocation and need vacations from serving the flock. Things definitely get weird! Traddie Catholics will probably not like this movie, but the rest of us just might.

Ilsa L (jp) wrote: What a great movie! Even though the plot is simple, ithe storyline is compelling, the performances from the cast are excellent and Wise's direction is first class. Recommended viewing for sure!

Charles P (de) wrote: A beautiful movie about the risky life of police officers. But also provides great insight on our capacity to heal from life's harm with both the help of others and especially ourselves.

Adam F (es) wrote: "Meet the Deedles" is the ultimate groovy 90's filmography dude! Unfortunately it's as ridiculous and stupid as the title might imply. Without any brains, it's predictable and fairly annoying. The film might have had an audience once, but those were all 11 to 17 year old boys growing up in the 1990's and have since grown up. This one is best left forgotten. (VHS' January 31, 2012)

Carlos I (us) wrote: That was fun. A lot funnier than I was expecting. Sydow was awesome in it.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Cop goes undercover to reveal a killer stalking local strippers. Spends equal time on strip numbers and dedicated policework. Kay Lenz has long been one of my favourites.

Kathleen B (fr) wrote: gets one star since it is about my medical school in Grenada

j (jp) wrote: i loved this soap opera and just heard johnny depp will be doing a remake

Jose R (ca) wrote: The greatest human study ever presented on film.

Hans J E (ca) wrote: Another Chaplin short.

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