Sumomo mo momo

Sumomo mo momo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sumomo mo momo torrent reviews

Nathan M (nl) wrote: A loving documentary about a man with a very interesting life. It's so overly positive that any cynical person might wonder, "What are they hiding?" However, I don't think that really matters. If you're just a fan of Hollywood stories, you'll find plenty to enjoy about Supermensch. So many great stories, some may not be totally true, but you don't care, because they're interesting. And in the world of documentaries, for me at least, I'll take some stretching of the truth in order to keep things interesting.

Cort J (fr) wrote: This film has an overactive score, it has a good idea and builds the tension well but is missing a final act. If you watch it late at night it will fill the time.

Hyginus C (nl) wrote: Can i bee your friend?

Paul C (us) wrote: "Zoo" pulls off the seemingly impossible - it is a tasteful, stylish, fascinating, creative, thought provoking documentary (docudrama?) about a man who was killed having sex with a horse. It really is hard to describe the film. Some have faulted the film for humanizing zoophiles since much of it is narrated by colleagues of the dead man. The animal rescue folks and others provide a counter point to their narration, so I feel it was more a matter of not spoon feeding the audience how they "should" feel, but allow the audience to decide on their own.

Arin D (de) wrote: A disturbing film about power. Connie Nielsen's bland Nordic face and body are only one of many sites of contestation; power struggles erupt across a plot strewn with 21st century tropes: fetishized mangasex, sadomasochism in the boardroom, snuff porn, the slave (or secretary) becomes the master, etc. The female characters, which includes one played unconvincingly by Chloe Sevigny - codeswitch at an insane pace between French/English. At the end the various entangled struggles for dominance devolve to the ultimate arbiter, the consumer (or his credit-card stealing son), and his final, irrevocable mouseclick. Grotesque. This is why I am looking forward to Assayas's "Boarding Gate" (2007). And oh. A soundtrack by Sonic Youth: a great comeback, not a dated sound at all.

Brady D (fr) wrote: The movie is meant to provide a few laughs. It's not meant to win best picture or any such like that. Look at the movie for what it's supposed to be mad for, and you will begin to appreciate it.

Peter J (de) wrote: like no other film. Beautiful and engrossing. Awesome Scott Walker soundtrack too!

Stephen J (it) wrote: Enemy of the State tells the story of Attorney Robert Dean, who through a series of unfortunate events, becomes the target of a corrupt National Security Agency operation aimed to maintain political influence. Enemy of the State is a basic but solid action thriller that is carried by the on screen chemistry between Will Smith and Gene Hackman. With the exception of Smith and Hackman, the remaining characters were unimpressive. Regina King and Lisa Bonet are certainly forgettable (if not nerve grating). Jon Voight plays the stereotypical sociopathic spook with an extra dose of cliche. Though it is a bit formulaic, the film's real success is found in its eerily prophetic concern regarding government surveillance and the accountability of those responsible for national security. Released only three years before September 11, 2001, Scott's Enemy of the State captured the heart of a policy debate before it was once again center stage in American news and politics. Overall, an enjoyable movie.

Steve W (gb) wrote: Explores the grey zone between the black and white of cops and badguys. Anthony Wong delivers a superb performance as an imperfect cop, with a new strict boss (Michael Wong). Instead of having the usual cliche commissioner yelling at them, they explore their personal lives. I especially liked the characters breaking the fourth wall to deliver monologues and character development. The final fight is pretty intense too.

Mariann K (nl) wrote: Kan denne utenat fra begynnelse til slutt, og blir like roert hver gang jeg ser den!! Julaften uten denne er ikke julaften!! :)

Asa B (kr) wrote: It took me a long time to actually watch this movie but it was worth the wait. The film is beautifully shot, Donovan's music is haunting and the story engaging - it might not be the tru story of St Francis of Assisi, but it isn't a bad film.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 96% Hey Joe, where are you going with that gun in your hand? "These goddamn nigger loving hippies, fucked up the music. If I ever get my hands on one of those little bastards...I'd kill 'em. They're getting away with murder, sex, drugs, pissing on America, fucking up the music. I'd like to kill one."-Joe Curran (Peter Boyle) Powerful film, and the end is a jaw dropper.

David H (kr) wrote: Better than it should be

Bradley C (ca) wrote: The overall plot to this movie is absurd, a New York mobster who starts doing everything he can to help his supplier of "lucky" apples, yet I love this movie. As absurd as it is, things like this can happen in real life. People do and can change and often times it is the absurd things that cause it. Watching the change that overcomes Dave as he starts down the road of doing good things even if it is for the wrong reason is marvelous.The acting in this movie is perfect for the style. I wouldn't call it "Academy Award" winning performances but it all fits with the characters and the charm. The pacing is a bit long in parts but almost every moment is fun and worth the watch. Seeing the transformation of Annie is wonderful and watching all the "tough" characters turn into softies is so much fun.I would say that this story is a great version of perpendicular Cinderella story. The person who really goes through the change is the Fairy Godmother, not Cinderella. I love this message of how if we put our efforts towards helping others it causes us to change, really we should all strive to be Fairy Godmothers and focus less on wanting a Fairy Godmother.If you're in the mood for a classic movie with some feel good moments you really can't go wrong with this.Verdict: Recommended

Pappas K (de) wrote: Adventure, politics and love in a killing mix. And of course that music...

Zack B (es) wrote: David Gordon Green is a genius poet of cinema. That's all there is to know. Undertow, along with All the Real Girls and Pineapple Express, are masterpieces of modern cinema. His movies are beautiful, compelling,and touching in their gorgeous images and ambient music. Pineapple Express is different because it's more mainstream, but it's still brilliant. David Gordon Green just knows how to tell stories and tell them with his own significant style which is reminiscent of Terrence Malick.