Sumpa is a story about a man who takes a vacation in laguna, where he met a mysterious lady who holds a secret to the curse that was put into the resthouse where he stayed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Dessiree V (ca) wrote: It was a OK, but really didn't make any sence.

Boby K (jp) wrote: The worse movie ever...

Navin J (it) wrote: oh my lord - I am not sure what I just saw or why I just saw this, but it was a train wreck of a movie. Completely unprofessional and uncoordinated. Not even funny bad movie.

Jamie D (ca) wrote: I always watched when I was sick as a kid.. What is your sick movie?

Daniel M (fr) wrote: The movie's twist was really well done that truly surprised. The setting was great and the movie kept you second guessing yourself which I enjoyed. 4/5

James H (au) wrote: 61/100. I'll say one thing about this movie, the pace is amazing. Okay, so the plot is a little far fetched and over the top, but it moves along so briskly it never bores. The performances are decent, suspenseful plot, good score. There are some very intense scenes a few good surprises. Good effort.

Brad C (ag) wrote: Just like I thought. It was pretty shitty. But had to see it once to say I did. Much like my summer visit to Iowa.

Heather R (kr) wrote: Visually lush, intellectually vapid. Good fun.

Hector L (br) wrote: Real old school. Some of the scenes in the beginning are hard to see. Donnie Yen looks so young in this movie. Not a bad flick.

Michael K (mx) wrote: Serviceable actioner, but I have seen better films from Lundgren and Van Damme.

James H (nl) wrote: I am not a huge fan of Lassie movies, but the good production values boost this one up a few notches. The World War II slant on the film is an interesting twist. Good cast, Donald Crisp is very good. Of course Lassie is amazing as always.

Jeffery T (gb) wrote: Unless Timmy is stuck in a well I don't want to see it.

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