Sundarapandian (Tamil: சுந்தரபாண்டியன்) is a 2012 Indian Tamil comedy drama film directed by debutant Prabhakaran, a former associate of M. Sasikumar. Sasikumar himself played the titular character, besides producing the film, while Lakshmi Menon, Vijay Sethupathi, Soori, Inigo Prabhakaran and Appukutty appeared in supporting roles. Music was composed by N. R. Raghunanthan, while cinematography was handled by Premkumar of Pasanga fame. The film released on 14 September 2012 to overall positive reviews. Following its commercial success, the film is planned to be remade in Telugu by director Bhimaneni Srinivasa of Sudigadu fame.

The film seeks to stress that only situations compel people to change and do things that are not in their nature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sundara torrent reviews

Steve B (es) wrote: Another story with potential, but they rounded and smoothed the edges so much it was a slow bore. Music is all about tension and release well this movie was all release and no tention like bad Pop music.

Amber S (au) wrote: This was the dumbest shit and she's the worst actor

Joyjit G (au) wrote: So much fun! Akshay owns it.

jing b (ru) wrote: INFIDELITY. and hypocrisy towards religion.

Mike B (de) wrote: A fine cast carries this spiderweb of intersecting lives connected by nefarious Hollywood-centered events that collide with great effect.

Steve C (mx) wrote: Interesting to view this again after 25 years - how times have changed. Now I appreciate the black comedy more and the cine references - especially to 'Psycho' in the closing sequence. But the complicity and denial of the neighours now reads as a rather heavy-handed political metaphor. Totally unbelievable that they should not recognize the transvestitism of their fellow occupant. Colin Firth is miscast and his Eraser-head 'do' is weird - would have worked better with a younger, effete, blond actor with a lighter voice. And given Jack is an amoral hustler and Adrian homosexual and that the story extends over several weeks or even months, then surely the relationship would have become rapidly sexual and physical.

Michelle R (ca) wrote: Dishonest DJ's, hungry hucksters and gold digging groupies. What's not to love? Besides, Arch Hall Jr. is one of the most bizarre looking people on film.

Don S (es) wrote: A "classic" sci-fi movie that leaves you wondering why. Even for the time period, this is unimaginative and horribly acted. The story builds no tension and the "peril" is not translated in a way that you care about it. Didn't even have a fun atmosphere; it took itself way too seriously for the bad effects to be overlooked.

Marta K (au) wrote: Inspired by a Hogarth print, no less!

Kestergillardhotmailcom K (de) wrote: THE Broadway musical. Sharp, sassy and fun with spectaculkar musical numbers and some great risque dialogue. Ginger Rogers shines as Anytime Annie

Mesha B (it) wrote: a fun family police movie, with the typical humor youd expect from martin lawrence. worth a watch on those nights were its nothing buy browsing netflix's instant stream. =