A dead body found floating in a lake… Unexplained scratch marks on her neck… Supari killers out to kill her… A taxi driver who yells ‘bhoot, bhoot’ every time he sees her...

An amnesiac woman fears a missing day in her life may connect her to a crime, and tries to retrace her steps between Saturday evening and Monday morning. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sunday torrent reviews

Anneke R (ru) wrote: Have you ever seen a movie that is inspiring, wonderful and uplifting all at the same time? Well these words describe 'The Frontier Boys'.In fact the movie was so good, I have seen it twice! And the best part is, it was filmed in Northern Michigan! It is a definite must see!

Sarah P (ag) wrote: It's unbelievable to me that this movie was made 3 years ago. It appears as if it was made 20 years ago on a very low-budget, especially when it comes to casting. It was as if this was a practice run instead of a finished product.

Dax S (de) wrote: Pretty good, I liked this one.

Dsire S (es) wrote: langgezogen mit wenig wirklicher Handlung

Andre V (fr) wrote: I don't care about the low-cost low-everything approach, but the jokes aren't funny and it doesn't worth watching it. Tommy Chong its fine.

Ryan L (ru) wrote: I found it quite difficult to enjoy and even more difficult to piece together. I did not appreciate the overuse of unnecessary dream-like sequences in the film. I particularly hated the sudden cuts to screams and the creepy score was difficult to endure. Many scenes without Laura Dern or Justin Theroux were hard to sit through. I felt that more than an hour of the film could have been cut out.

Ms Southern L (de) wrote: It was not bad or good. It could have been better. Something to watch on tv.

Steve H (de) wrote: TV Mini series that brings alive 16th century Japan. Richard Chamberlain's finest 9 hours. Samurai Warriors, Jesuits, the beautiful Yoko Shimada and the brilliant Toshiro Mifune make this a truely fascinating adventure.

Dustin G (es) wrote: Okay, let me talk about this first because it's by fat the thing that stands out the most about this movie: I can confidently say that the music and songs in this movie are the worst of all time. Some annoying girl and some spanish dude singing the story as it unfolds. Man, this was either some big joke by the filmmakers, or Enzo Castellari has the worst musical taste in the film industry.Anyway, the movie itself is pretty entertaining. A Spaghetti Western through and through, Castellari an obvious Leone disciple. Franco Nero doing his Django type thing again. It's got lots of action, though not as bloody as I thought it would be. Call me sick, but when people get shot they should bleed, shouldn't they? Or at least have some holes in 'em. Oh well. Worth a look if you're into the genre.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Uneven Japanese exploitation film features a few remarkable sequences spaced out between long stretches of stodgy melodrama and overlong sex scenes. Some of the stylistic flourishes were pretty cool, but the leering handheld camerawork was often more annoying than exciting. An amazing ending can't make up for an overall lack of atmosphere and weak story.

Adrian B (br) wrote: During World War II, the U.S. forces, unbeknownst to my myself as fanatic of history from the era, used German soldiers as moles for their army during the conflict. The German forces are used to spy on the Nazi's. This documentary like movie, of which Bette Davis' ex-husband Gary Merrill and Richard Baseheart are the main stars, tries really hard to make the film process interesting and life like. The results are okay, with some nice filming techniques and some chase scenes. Otherwise, it is really a routine war film that does not have all that many special characteristics to make it stand out. As well, there is too much talk and not all that much action. Not great by any means.

Aaron L (us) wrote: It was ok and a little bit funny

Stanley K (ru) wrote: Amusing that a movie that postures itself as being grittier and tougher than the Bond movies it was knocking off ends up being as stodgy, pedestrian and cliched as any Bond movie (pre Casino Royale). All attitude, no bite.

(mx) wrote: why do people hate it???? i thought it was amazing! and i was horrified!

Dan H (au) wrote: Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell in a film together?! YES PLEASE! Mind you this isn't either of their best roles, but it sure is nice to see them together in a film. Maniac Cop is the rare cop-sploitation film that doubles as a nice slice of 80s cheese. The big finale is disappointing, but Atkins (as his usual bad-ass detective) and Campbell (playing a normal schmoe cop for a change) are strong enough that I can give this film a reccomendation. Not to mention Robert Z'Dar is menacing and intimidating as the Manic Cop in question. It may not be the most memorable B film to come out of the 80's, but it;s still a fun distraction nonetheless.