Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver

An all-access documentary film of the people living the lifestyle and responsible for the artistry behind low riding - SUNDAY DRIVER is an incredible portrait of a community working together to build the ultimate customized vehicles while struggling to legitimize their lifestyle under close scrutiny of the cops. With an upfront look at the guys behind the chrome, SUNDAY DRIVER exposes the origins of the club by describing in interviews, what it really means to be a Majestic. Dedicated to creating a vision of the ultimate modified automobile, the Majestics come together like no other community to help each other realize their dreams.

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An all-access documentary film of the people living the lifestyle and responsible for the artistry behind low riding - SUNDAY DRIVER is an incredible portrait of a community working ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg R (jp) wrote: I'm not certain I can be fair because I live within minutes of where this movie ended. There is a ton of fluff, but man was this a cool movie.

Mike N (br) wrote: pleasantly surprised that this was pretty good story and pretty original, i enjoyed it.

Santosh N (br) wrote: Yet another Emran Hashmi film with some good songs and him getting gunned down in the end and falling to the ground in slow motion.

Bob K (gb) wrote: This movie got 4 stars from Roger Ebert, but was liked by few others. I've taken chances on Roger before like this, and was never disappointed. Likewise for "Knowing." Not 4 stars, but a nice piece of paranoid entertainment, with a couple of astounding disaster sequences to boot. However, best not to ponder too long on some of the absurdities. Just enjoy the ride.

Leonard D (ca) wrote: It's got Jennifer Garner in it, the duck face woman of Hollywood! Of course this turned out to be a piece of crap! Why do movies like this exist!? It was hard enough watching Batman and Robin last time!

Zachary M (gb) wrote: A very simple premise, lets watch a bunch of birds on their annual migration routes and we'll play some charming yet slightly haunting "Eastern European" style music over it. I can see that many people might find it too boring, I did have a couple of moments like that myself, but it still has a very relaxing kind of feel to it. It's simple, yet strangely effective.

June F (de) wrote: Not biased or nothing with the North Eastn theme, but this is so funny, We actually have seen Sewill at his new place of work and asked where his benchcoat was, he looked embarrassed haha...

Frdric M (it) wrote: Is a really good movie . It's totally worth your money . The main character is an orphan .The movie puli is a fantastic movie . In this movie , the stunt and special effact are stunning . The strory are amazing i isn't want to spoil you , so i can't say more about the plot . In puli movie is hanting . I recommend it.

Claire G (jp) wrote: Silly fantastical humour helped by a good cast

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: The power of invisibility should not be taken lightly neither for the power it gives over others but the effect that it has on the invisible themselves.

Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: Sin el encanto visual de las dos primeras partes no queda si no disfrutar de la msica

Aggie F (br) wrote: One of the best movies I ever seen.

BRiana C (de) wrote: In an amazing agglomeration of masterful musical score, incredible acting, and and fast paced storyline, David Fincher created an instant classic with Se7en.I see that many people in the critic reviews section seem to discount this movie due to the unbelievable nature of the progression of the storyline. I believe this criticism in immensely unfair; The purpose of a movie, and most certainly not this one, is not to be 'realistic'. The beauty of this movie is that through cinematography consisting of well placed and suspenseful music as well as a thread of a dark decrepit thread that runs throughout the movie takes the viewer to a place within themselves in which their deepest darkest desires and fears lie. It is because of this that the events that construct the storyline are acceptable; they are a grandiose display of the negative attributes that lie within all of humanity to some extent.What I really enjoyed most about the movie were the progression of the main characters Somerset and Mills and their arch throughout the story and their purpose in serving the plot itself. In the early scenes of the movie one can see the two detectives are starkly different; Somerset is inquisitive, calculating, and level headed while Mills is impulsive, aggressive, and proud. I believe these two characters serve to not only create conflict to make the storyline more complex, but also present a social commentary because despite the fact that they are so different, as a viewer one is able to relate to both. They represent the push and pull of those characteristics within humanity.One should not even have to argue. Se7en is no doubt an incredible movie, full of allusions to the bible that aid in presenting a commentary on the society in which we live. The message of the movie is to convey the decay of morals in our society, which parallels the thread of decay in the film.

Greg S (gb) wrote: A guy from Harlem rescues a kidnapped woman from a drug kingpin. Porno movies of the same era had better acting, direction and production values (and more action). This is bottom-of-the-barrel blaxploitation.

Tiuri E (es) wrote: Forgettable romcom. Redford is good, Fonda too, but her character is annoying as hell and, there's that word again, unrealistic. Despite the title scene, it kinda shows that it was a play originally.

John R (br) wrote: 131219: A creepy Jack Elam was highlight of this film. Without him, I think I would've found this hour and a half a bit long. The story all takes place in one location but it moves along steadily enough that you don't lose interest. There was something about Haywards dress, or hair style, that just didn't sit right with me. I could see a very good modern version of this film being done.

Robert G (fr) wrote: Perfectly paced and structured. It delivers the laughs and entertainment with ease.

Wes N (ru) wrote: Loved it.. Anything with Patricia Clarkson is always great. Such a good actress. Scott Speedman is always good to look at. I thought it had a great storyline and was on the edge of my seat at times.

Michael M (au) wrote: F*** this movie. I hated this movie. F*** this f***ing movie!Okay, now that that's out of my system, let's start at the beginning. The film starts out promising. It has a creepy tone, an interesting premise that has never really been explored before in horror, and the amateur actors are surprisingly good and their relationships feel completely natural. As the film goes on though you start to realize it doesn't seem to know what it's doing. It isn't until about 55 minutes in that anything actually interesting starts happening. For a 95 minute movie, that's a major problem. Before then we're just following these people going through various haunted house attractions around the country. You ever watch haunted house walkthroughs on YouTube? It's just 60 minutes of that. Throughout those 60 minutes there were glimpses where I would see something happen and think to myself "okay, I think I see where they're going with this; that could be neat", but by the end of the film it becomes clear this wasn't the case. That would be fine if the film was going in its own direction with something else interesting, but it ended without any answers. When the plot twists I'm coming up with in my head are better than anything the movie is giving me, that's a problem. I'm not saying I need things spoon-fed to me, but when I can find 20 different crater-sized plot holes in the ambiguous story I'm given, you gotta' give me something. As it stands, it seems like they had no idea what they were doing and just went with a f***ed up ending for the sake of a f****ed up ending. No rhyme or reason, no point, nothing to say, and wildly unearned. The final shot of this movie is so mean, hopeless, and entirely illogical, it just made me want to scream at the TV.In some ways I feel bad about picking on this movie, it's clearly got good ideas and everyone involved seems to be trying. But good ideas only get you so far, you have to some place to go with them. And this movie had nowhere to go with them. Maybe someone could remake this and do it right, because there's good ideas here. I like the idea of exploring haunted house culture, I like the idea of showing places that take things too far, but this film doesn't want to do anything with those ideas. It teases you with them but then eventually falls on to boring horror tropes and outright human cruelty. This is the worst movie I've seen in years. It's a horror movie with no scares and nothing interesting to say. At its best, it's boring. At its worst, it's mean-spirited and needlessly uncomfortable.