Hideo Aiba (Atsuji Ninomiya) is a reserved and obedient high school student, who has never had any girlfriend. He spends all his energy on masturbating, his true reason for living. His life and his solitary activities will take a radical change when a new transfer student, the sexy Kurumi Sahana (Akane Suzuki), joins his class.

Hideo Aiba (Atsuji Ninomiya) is a reserved and obedient high school student, who has never had any girlfriend... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (de) wrote: Naomi Watts has already brought the film up to another level. Still.

Noah20 D (gb) wrote: The Babadook proves to us that this genre is not completely over.

David S (de) wrote: Surprisingly, I actually dug it. It kept me entertained even for a low budget B movie. People are calling this "torture porn" and I'm confused as to where? The little effects they use are effective and the most gruesome scenes they don't show what happens, leaving it to your mind to put what happened into images or thoughts. I really, REALLY liked this concept. Just imagine sticking a razor blade in your eye. The acting wasn't that bad. The ending I saw coming but still, those who don't see it (which probably isn't many) can leave them feeling uneasy with the twist. Overall, I liked it quite a bit

Kimberly R (ag) wrote: Profound and intense. This film completely changed my view on democracy (or lack of) in America. TBF motivates viewers to wake up and see the truth behind the gulf oil spill and the mass problems polluting our politicians and jeopardizing our environmental/economic future as a society and world! Not to mention the film is beautifully produced and takes you on an intense emotional journey! A must see for everyone.

Charles F (nl) wrote: Not terrible. Not terribly original either. About halfway through everything comes apart and turns into something of a farce. The special effects are halfway decent, even if the acting leaves much to be desired. For sheer entertainment value... well, at least I can say I watched this movie all the way through (unlike many others that I've seen recently). So if you're into dimly lit corridors and ghost trails that either flicker into existence or move about in creepy awkward fashion, and a few genuine scares mind you, then why not check this one out. After all, you could do worse.

Patrick S (de) wrote: It's so gloriously idiotic and empty-headed but, by some major miracle, it's Steven Seagal's best movie since Half Past Dead and actually rises the ranks to be Seagal's 4th best movie behind Hard to Kill, Under Siege 2 and Exit Wounds. On that note, it's also his best DTV movie...yes, even better than Today You Die.

Alex N (jp) wrote: Unconventional yet well written, Stranger Than Fiction grasps at our imagination. In this movie Will Ferrell plays Harold Crick, a man who has everything planned, and Emma Thompson plays Ana Pascal, a radical women who has more passion than plans. These stars along with Dustin Hoffman (Professor Jules Hilbert), Linda Hunt (Dr. Mittag-Leffler), Queen Latifah (Penny Escher), and Emma Thompson (Karen Eiffel) come together to create this comedy/drama. Taking place in Chicago, Illinois this comedy will keep you on your toes. Harold Crick has his life together; well, at least in his own eyes he does. He lives a life dictates by his wrist watch. but one day Harold realises that he isn't the person holding his life together when he starts hearing a strange woman's voice narrating his life. Karen Eiffel is a writer struggling with the task of killing her own creation, her character. She is under pressure from her publicist which results in the hiring of an assistant for pursuing her to get writing. Knowing he isn't insane after hearing a voice in his head, Harold seeks help from many different people including psychiatrists and doctors, but ends up finding a confidant in a literature professor, Jules Hilbert. Jules suggests to go off Harold's set story by pursuing his dreams and not following his normally mundane life. It seems like things are going not so well in Karen's life either as she struggles to write an ending to Harold's book. The editing in this movie was phenomenal. Never a dull moment existed throughout the entire play time, and this was partially due to the editing that seemed so out of place but also seemed to merge into the story perfectly. When Harold is first stunned by the voice and running late we see the letters and numbers breaking on the screen, showing with the graphics in this movie how life is but a book for Harold. The acting was something on the other hand that I was not a fan of. I believe that Will Ferrell is a brilliant actor in pure comedies but because people are used to seeing him playing very comedic roles it's hard to see him as the slightly serious yet awkward Harold Crick. All in all this film was very interesting. It is filmed and told in a way many films haven't been portrayed before and it's because of this that the viewers become interested in this real story behind Harold Crick and his wrist watch. I would give it a thumb and a half up.

Nikki G (au) wrote: Cute little movie (LOVE John Corbett in this movie)...and it was filmed in Portland!

Johnathon W (au) wrote: One of the better 'Die hard' rip-offs, thanks to a solid cast & excellent direction by Andrew Davis. Seagal does fine in the lead role, which is tailor-made to his limited acting abilities (he does get to show a bit of comic timing & drama) while getting to show off his impressive martial arts skills. It's the rest of the cast who shine though, with Jones & Busey having a great time as the villains while Eleniak, in what could have been a ridiculous role, displays great charm & humor as the sole female in the cast. Behind the camera, Davis delivers some great action & makes excellent use of the battleship setting, while the script has plenty of great one-liners to keep you laughing. The one flaw as that you never feel Seagal's character,Casey Ryback, is ever not going to win, and he looks just as good at the end of the movie as the beginning (contrast that with John Mclane in "Die Hard", who is a bloody mess at the end). Still, a very entertaining action movie and the best of Seagal's career.

Ryan W (gb) wrote: One of those movies you can watch over again and never gets old. Whoopi is wonderful in it!

Steve E (au) wrote: Slightly intriguing. But that's it.

WS W (de) wrote: Another copycat following the success off [A Chinese Ghost Story]. Nice arts though.

Eric J (ca) wrote: It may seem dated but this movie I remember vividly from childhood. More of a serious tone than the similar "Innerspace". Decent cast and what was for the time, cutting edge production. May bore younger film-watchers as it's rather slow-moving. but good nonetheless.

Olufemi S (jp) wrote: A misguided slog from the first frame. I never knew before how much I could actively dislike Peter Parker."Property of Peter Parker" is "Save Martha!!!" levels of stupid.