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Andrew P (gb) wrote: I love Noomi Rapace. Nice thriller, with a clever twist, but the twist has been done before.

James L (kr) wrote: Wishful fairytale goodness for the whole family.

Jane D (de) wrote: Reasonably strong act from the main female lead was ruined by a weak, unrealistic job from the lead male. While the premise of the movie was good, it was very poorly portrayed and it quickly lost all of it's potential.

Konrad A (de) wrote: To slow of a movie with introductions and not getting down to action hay I thought it was a boring movie sometimes a sequel is better. So not a fan of this!

NeCrO (ca) wrote: This had the best sheriff ever...and the worst catfight everfree on youtube

Dillon L (kr) wrote: better then I thought the movie makes ya think a bit

Michael S (it) wrote: Told in faux-documentary style, this story of cojoined twin brothers and their music world rise, was at times surreal, tragic. Great early punk style soundtrack which features prominently in the film.

Gursharn S (mx) wrote: I cried while watching it

Filipe C (jp) wrote: One can only think how much better the film would be hadn't Kaufman script been slashed at the studio's demand. Still, this was definitely a great debut by Clooney powered by an excellent performance by Rockwell who nailed Chuck's vicissitudes.

Michael B (kr) wrote: Very heart felt and thoughtful film that treats the subject with honesty and incite rarely seen in films. Great acting across the board too.

david s (it) wrote: Authentic and haunting, all the usual cliches which are not really cliched - they're how it was and that was how one nation behaved. Man's inhumanity, in this case to Woman, must be continually depicted .... "Lest We Forget". Entertaining too - who in the movie audience is not turned round by the beauty of the unaccompanied singing, just as were the guards. So enjoy the3 performances and be glad you were spared the experiences.

Remi C (ca) wrote: better than first candyman great sequel and awesome film a must see

Simon P (au) wrote: Vintage '80s slasher from "Bloody" Buddy Cooper which is majorly lifted by the excellence of Mark Shostrom's special make up FX.

Simon P (fr) wrote: Surprisingly serious Blaxploitation movie although Willie D's theme music is funky fun.

Kyle B (br) wrote: It was ok but now Adam sander is into kids movies.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: I checked it out cuz its from the director of the blair witch project, and even though it's a return to the found footage format after lovely molly, its nowhere near the same quality of those 2, released the same time as the other bigfoot movie willow creek, which almost never showed the creature, this takes the opposite approach, showing him in full view several occasions, and while some of those scenes are admittedly intense, all the characters are either annoying or just not developed that you dont even care about them, and the final scene is pretty weak too, its also super short, lke 80 mins, could have maybe been better if developed more

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Great movie showing the dedication of these athletes...but also painful to see some of the bodybuilders focus so much on the sport, themselves, and the fleeting thought of perfection that they sacrifice those most important to them their families. To be honest it really shows our fallen world in a nutshell, so self focused at the expense of others. But like I said all in all I still really enjoyed the movie