Sunes sommar

Sunes sommar

It's summer and Sune Anderssons family is planning a holiday in Greece. Sunes father, Rudolf is sulking because then he won't be able to go on his beloved fishing trip. But after seeing how... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keshav S (us) wrote: The film is unbearable. Stupid Plot, Senseless Comedy, Ridiculous Student of the Year Concept, Annoying Characters, Awful Storytelling. Easily one of the worst films ever. It's like the twilight of bollywood without vampires. It is clear that Karan Johar left his brain at home while making this movie. No matter how popular it is, It is still an awful movie. It's made for stupid teen girls and boys. Johar is forcing the actors to be the next superstar for the future generation. Just like James Cameron was trying to do with Sam Worthington in Avatar. Rishi Kapoor did a great job in it. Nothing makes sense in this movie. I'm offering you the truth and nothing else. It depends on you whether to chose the blue pill or the red pill. I can't even rate the film 0/10, So I guess 0.1/10 is fare.

G Todd M (br) wrote: Funny! Watch it with friends!

Tim B (it) wrote: Entertaining effort at depicting the struggles of a young couple reaching for the stars. Not the typical Bollywood fodder.

Augustine H (mx) wrote: Quite touching for several scenes.

Richard G (de) wrote: Documentary style found footage of 2 High school students who plan a shooting at their local school,its more about the build up and their personalities on wanting to kill,as interesting as it is I found it quite boring and the shooting at the end is very anti-climatic,obviously inspired by the Columbine Masscre the film certainly has depth but I didn't find the characters that interesting and you'll enjoy it if you can kind of relate to them in it but mostly its a snoozefest.

Josh C (ru) wrote: Expected a serious war movie. What a treat it was XD7.5/10

Davis B (jp) wrote: This is a good film. This story has a very unique story that is displayed at an appropriate pace. The torture scenes are pretty intense, but the emotion seems totally real. Great performances by all the actors. Highly recommended.

Justin S (nl) wrote: Like the story, but the dead poets society is gay. Beginning and ending were fine, middle burning. More about students

Michele M (ag) wrote: B-movie trash and I love it!

Randy S (de) wrote: This looks like a movie made purely to provide a vacation in Italy. Technically, there are so many out-of-focus shots and so many looped lines of dialogue, it appears that nobody let making a movie get in the way of drinking. Not even interesting as the train wreck it is. Smug, coy, and relentlessly unfunny. Not fit to line the cage of the Maltese Falcon.

Eva Katalin G (mx) wrote: All the good actors in ...

kelly (fr) wrote: This is the bottom of awful. Barely tolerable, tough not to turn off. Worst acting, script, framing, effects, zombies, etc. I have seen, and I have seen some shit. This is about six feet below shit.