Old-fashioned Soon-yi marries into a family in the country without love. But when her husband abandons her by enlisting into the Vietnam war, she wants to show that she is capable of loving him. She uses her vocal talent to join a band heading there and sings for the restless soldiers in hopes of meeting her husband while on tour.

A man in the Korea army leaves his wife for another woman. Unable to live with himself, he volunteers to go to the Vietnam War as punishment after starting a fight with his superior who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean T (kr) wrote: Such a far end of the spectrum from the first one. This was simply horrible. From the cheesy special effects to the light saber sounds during one of the main fights. I've come to the conclusion that ANY movie that RZA stars in to stay away from like the plague. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.

Joe M (it) wrote: OK. Either I'm just not used to movie snobbery or I'm just older than most of you. I thought this was entertaining and insightful. War does horrible things to people and this is one movie that makes you think about it from a different perspective. Was Killing Season a 5 star movie? No. I give it a 4. However, most of the intellectual critics, on this site, loved 22 Jump Street. I'm just sayin'.....

Mike C (au) wrote: Seen the series a few times and it wasn't too bad. Might just have to look for this one

Tim Q (us) wrote: This is a memorable comedy with great, illogical lines. Jason Bateman is a scene stealer as the hip broadcaster.

Robert T (fr) wrote: Welcome to La La Land. Based on real events, Roberto Succo follows the trail of bloody destruction unleashed by former Italian psychiatric inmate Roberto as he tried to keep it together in his new adopted country, France in the mid-80s Stefano Cassetti plays a note-perfect chilling portrayal of pychotic Roberto that left me gasping at the depth of his insanity. Whew! A little overlong and could have been better edited, but Cassetti's performance makes this spellbinding car crash viewing....

Logan M (mx) wrote: A satire of dog show competitions, "Best in Show" is funny because it's true.

Tim W (de) wrote: Not a bad sequel, though it was bogged down at times by annoying drama and awkward humour. Basically the same as the first just slower and not as good. Still, it's Jackie Chan goodness.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Nazi interrogation ship terrorizes the Atlantic captained by a sour George Kennedy. A repeated favourite of Detroit's WXON-TV 20 'Saturday Shocker' lineup.

aaron a (br) wrote: "That's what all those silly laws are for, to be broken by blokes like us." Synopsis: A working-class rebel who spend the week tied to a dead-end factory job and the weekend in a haze of booze and empty affairs. But that all changes when he becomes romantically involved with a beautiful, conventional woman. The American Dream is a concept that I dare say every child born in the United States is very familiar. No matter how poor a family one comes from, or how unspectacular a set of traits one possess', in America apparently hard work and determination are all that is needed to become a undeniable success. The merits of such thought is not what is important as one sits down to watch a viewing of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, what is important is that a young man living in 1960's UK, would have never been promised as much. And if he had, he would have responded with "I believe you, but thousands wouldn't". No, this isn't a picture concerned with sugar-coating things, nor about drowning things in despair. Like Albert Finney's Arthur, the picture knows the course the majority of these people are going to steer their lives, and is concerned with the emotions some carry underneath. With Arthur's case, the feelings are frustration and rage. He loathes the lifestyle he is ordained to live, and thus drinks his weekends away. His feelings must only grow in intensity as he falls for a beautiful young lady, his destiny only seams that much closer to being fact. It's feelings that deserve a great actor to pull off, requiring the actor to give and withhold the right amount of information so as to give the picture the interpretive nature it somehow possesses. And Albert Finney delivers and impresses. As good as Mr. Finney and this picture are though, it takes a very long time before things really start to get interesting. The first say twenty five minutes or so seam aimless, a rather mundane travelogue of Arthur's "boozin" visits to pubs, and although such moments are terrific and vital characterization opportunities, one can't help wish it was as intriguing as the rest of the film. Though the picture has a slow start, Albert Finney's extraordinary performance pulls the film together, allowing Saturday Night and Sunday Morning to infect the minds of it's audience.

Rupert R (ag) wrote: i liked this but its not for everyone. a strange 80s french policier. almost anti-dramatic, completely without style and obvious excitement...Pialat seems to simply be interested in recreating the behavior and environment cops share with criminals and women, and he succeeds with great authenticity. depardieu's performance is fantastic, very natural and rough, almost effortless

James D (gb) wrote: Did not stink as I thought it would. Kind of touching.

Sherine A (au) wrote: so funny .. i really recomend u to see it ..

Lahward K (fr) wrote: Enthralling story which perfectly captures the struggle for autonomy and authentic existence any of us face.