Suno Baranari

Suno Baranari


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Suno Baranari torrent reviews

Duncan K (br) wrote: The political bias in this film is as uncomfortable as the awful jokes, and everyone who starred in this film, with the exception of Farley, is better than this.

Lacey K (jp) wrote: good movie i liked it

Early B (mx) wrote: In an alternate future, George W. Bush is still President and America is at war with two-thirds of the world. With public nudity more or less banned, strip club owner Ian Esko (Robert Englund) runs the hottest place to be. When his star stripper, Kat (Jenna James) is bitten by a zombie infected with a super soldier serum (stay with us on this...), he decides the show must go on, allowing Kat to continue to dance. Pumped up, violent and sexy, Kat becomes a hit, leaving the rest of Esko's troop of strippers disgruntled and jealous. One by one they open themselves up to temptation; allowing Kat to bite them and become one of the undead. When the strippers start taking more than tips from their punters, Esko is forced to start hiding the horrors that are happening in the Champagne Room.And yes, it's based on a play about conformity and Nazis from the 1950s.Englund and Jameson are the most obvious examples of stunt casting, but this isn't something to hold against them. Okay, let's be honest. Meryl Streep has nothing to fear from Jameson in the acting stakes. However, whilst it's easy to dismiss her part as nothing more than boobs and bum, Jameson is clearly in on the whole joke and throws herself into the part of Queen Bitch with gusto. Englund is equally fun as Ian Esko; the mysophobic club owner who seems more concerned about catching herpes from his staff, than the apocalypse that's brewing around him.There's a delicious humour that runs throughout Zombie Strippers. A lot of this, surprisingly, coming from the themes of individuality and mass movements. Jameson is fond of reading Nietzche, which she finds even more enjoyable now she's dead. Meanwhile, the only Christian stripper in the room, Jessy (Jennifer Holland), contemplates giving up her religion and soul, so she can raise money for her Grandma's medical bills, only to be called an 'existential bitch'.Unfortunately, none of this wallpapers over the large cracks that make Zombie Strippers almost, at times, barely watchable. Despite being less than two hours long, there is a lot of fat that can be trimmed up. For a film with strippers in the title, there is actually too much stripping. We don't need to see every single girl's routine to get an idea of who they are. That's what dialogue is for guys! Yes, yes, we sound like party poopers, but really, take out the stripping at the beginning and the film immediately becomes leaner and meaner.There are also a few humour stillbirths and most these are in the form of Paco, a deliberately stereotypical Mexican who raises barely a titter. There's also the mercenaries who go under the banner of the Z-team. Despite having stopped the Apocalypse ('Lieutenant Ryker here killed Satan himself with a sharp stick. Good work soldier!'), they seem to suck the joy out of every scene they're in.Finally, with the numerous references to the Bush Administration, Zombie Strippers really wants to be a biting satire on the Gulf War, but it all comes across a bit gummy.Zombie Strippers is an unapologetic mixture of gore, bad jokes and nudity. It's about as subtle as a slap with a tissue wrapped around a sledgehammer. At its very best, it's Peter Jackson's brilliantly demented Braindead. At it's very worst, it's Troma's mind-numbing Rabid Grannies. However, the bottom line is that even going in as cynical as you want, Zombie Strippers sneaks up on you and by the time, the blood hits the fan, you'll find yourself being willingly taken away. Definitely one for Friday nights with pizza, beer and a low set of standards.

Andrew S (fr) wrote: one of the worst, badly plotted, badly acted excuses for a movie I've ever seen.

James H (nl) wrote: It looks good for the most part, but hardly has the epic proportions films like this seem to need. I found it painfully boring however, very difficult to sit through and seemed far longer than 1 hour and 34 minutes. Very slow moving through most of the film.

Patrick G (us) wrote: In the Realms of the Unreal is the story of Henry Darger, janitor by day and artistic visionary by night. From about 1909 to 1971 he composed a ~19,000 page novel detailing the ongoing struggles between the Christian forces as led by the Vivian Girls and the child-hating, Confederate army mimicking Glandelinians. He also painted and drafted thousands of illustrations to accompany the novel. One of the amazing parts of the story is that Darger actually wrote an ending to the piece. In fact, he drafted two endings. The film interweaves text from Darger's novel and autobiography with comments by the few neighbors who knew him - it becomes clear early on that no one really knew Henry Darger. The visuals include Darger's illustrations. His art work is stunning. He used a variety of methods to allow for the use of repetitive images, including sending drawings and newspaper photos out to a photo enlargement center. Some of the illustrations are brilliantly animated by the filmmakers. In the Realms of the Unreal is an inspirational tale of what equal parts devotion to a project, detachment from the real world, and 60+ years of solitude can yield.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Daisy M (ca) wrote: Under the Satan' sun was a movie, that whatever I did I couldn't relate to this movie. There was too much dialogue which was so intense that I could not understand anything about the characters.Should you be religious to understand this movie?To believe in God's miracles to revive the boy,cause the priest asked for it? And if you don't believe, watching this was more torture?? Did it make any sense?I watched till the end, cause it was only one and a half hour long and for curiosity.The movie was well played and act,but not my type of movie at all.

Bobby B (mx) wrote: A fairly enjoyable late-era Fellini film. I don't think that anybody is going to argue that And the Ship Sails On is Fellini's best film, but it certainly has its odd charms. In terms of music and images, And the Ship Sails On is enchanting. The classical and opera music fits perfectly, and all the quirky and artificial, often beautiful sets are precursors to directors like Wes Anderson. Unfortunately, the characters aren't anything special and the film often drags. Still, there's enough visual splendor and creativity here, and certain scenes pop with that kind of charming, offbeat magic that only Fellini seems capable of creating. I particularly loved the dancing scene with the Serbian refugees, the orchestra made from cups of water, and the beautifully-done climatic disaster. The rest of And The Ship Sails On is minor, moderately enjoyable Fellini. My list of Fellini films: 1. 8 1/2 - 9.5 2. Amarcord - 9.5 3. La Strada - 9 4. Juliet of the Spirits - 8.5 5. La Dolce Vita - 8 6. I Vitelloni - 7.5 7. And the Ship Sails On - 7 8. Satyricon - 3

Matilda L (fr) wrote: I've never heard of this movie but at least it seems to be great, just because of the embrace. Have anyone of you seen it perhaps..?

STCENTERPRISE (au) wrote: Penny SernaidIt had some light hearted comedy. The film was mostly a love story with some drama. I liked the record scene at the beginning of the film. I thought it was interesting the use of different records being used during the film to represent different phases of their life.One thing that surprised me about this film, especially since this film was released in 1946 was the fact that the main characters went to Japan. I would have expected that American films would not want to associate anything with Japan at that time.The Christmas Nativity scene was kind of interesting. I'm surprised that they would allow a kid to walk such a narrow beam during a play to put up the star. It just was not safe. Personally this kind of film does not interest me. It's too romantic for my taste. I felt like the intended audience was for anyone preparing to have kids, partners and grandparents.

Russell G (fr) wrote: Considering the talented cast of Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Martin Star, Ryan Reynolds and Jessie Eisenberg, I hoped for a funnier movie. There are scattered laughs along the way, but this is primarily a coming of age romantic and drama. The story is about a high-school senior forced by his parents into getting a summer job. He goes to work for the local amusement park. Working there is no fun, but the staff forms a unique mixed community of teenagers floating through their summer. Once there he meets a girl he likes, but he unknowingly gets into a complicated situation. It is messy and lifelike; each character has their own dreams, insecurities and struggles. Nothing is perfect and there is not a storybook finish, but it is good-natured. The characters and story seem real and honest. Jessie Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart capture what is like to be a confused teen full of nerves, lacking self-esteem, and excited for attention and potential love. An uneventful story does not do it any favors; it relies solely on the dialogue and interactions between the characters. Using the comedic talents of the cast could greatly improve this movie, but it chooses a quieter subtle approach. The amusement park setting has more potential to influence the story, but it is merely incidental, for the most part. At least, it is from the heart and not full of blatant clichs.

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: Sweet, charming, flawed, but energetic all the way through. There is nothing groundbreaking about God Help the Girl. But it is the small moments and great toe-tapping songs that make this film infinitely lovely. Good performances + good songs X sweetness = real good time.

Richard D (us) wrote: This is a ridiculous film. Not in the "what a bunch of ridiculous fun" kind of way, but more in the "only an idiot could find this plot plausible" kind of way. Does it work despite this? Yes ... kind of. The serious tone does not sit well with the ludicrous plot, but the cast does a remarkably good job (well, Chris Pine does just a good job) with silly material. I don't regret watching it, but one has to have reasonably low expectations. Even though Kenneth Branagh is in this, I have trouble believing that he bothered to direct this.

Tony L (de) wrote: Death, regret, racism, so many social dynamics are handled with complete tact. Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton make there characters tangible enough to engage your in the trek. When the credits roll there are feelings of both fulfillment and emptiness.

Tishka F (ca) wrote: One of my favourites.