Sunset Park

Sunset Park

A white school teacher takes over a talented, but undisciplined black high school basketball team and turns them into a winning team.

After being dumped by her boyfriend and in need of quick cash, a Brooklyn high-school teacher decides to coach an inner-city basketball league - except she doesn't know anything about basketball. Eventually she becomes more than a coach as she helps her troubled team overcome their many real-life problems and turns them into a winning team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sunset Park torrent reviews

Rodri C (nl) wrote: ya la 3 haba bajado el nivel de las primeras 2 que eran excelentes, sta termina de arruinarla...

Ebony S (ca) wrote: Lovely little love story.. Great sat/sun afternoon duvet day watch!!

Jose M (nl) wrote: no busques amor donde ya expiro muy buena

Stuart K (br) wrote: What a pleasant surprise from the library. Rupert is handsome and winsome, Dame Joan fits her role so well AARP gave her an over 50 actress award for this movie dedicated to our mothers and grandmothers. A host of faces one knows, if not the names. Show it to you mum for Mother's Day. And we get to hear Rose Mary Clooney for the credits.

Joshua L (br) wrote: stupid fuckin story!

Johnny R (us) wrote: grew up with this sequel but after seeing it now definitely could've been a little better

Nicholas W (br) wrote: toy story is better than this

Ben C (fr) wrote: I saw this movie when it first hit the theaters in 93, I was 13 and couldn't wait. I fell asleep half way through. Saw it recently and it has so many plot holes and weird cut scenes that it never makes since. TNG is my favorite series and this one is so bad it makes Star Trek 5 look good.

Lacie C (ca) wrote: I have never seen Hugh Grant play a part like this

Lorelei A (au) wrote: Fascinating look at Alec Baldwin on the wrong side of Fred Ward.

Robert H (mx) wrote: Full Moon Features hits it out of the park with this almost perfect B movie gem. Combine scantily clad women and men, some nudity, robots, space ships, lasers, monsters, a jungle planet, a little influence from Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game and the required terrible dialogue and acting and Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity is sure to rank up there with fans of the low budget film genre.Of course... the title of the film really does give away how awesome this movie is. Fans of Hollywood fare might want to keep clear of this one. All others, purchase it right now. You'll for sure not regret it.

Jurij V (ca) wrote: Virtually I was never really into the movie. Love triangle was weak, holocaust episodes far from real, dialogues not as sharp as I was expecting.

Robert I (kr) wrote: Every theater or film film NEEDS to see this film. Bloody brilliant!

Jacob T (kr) wrote: This is the 4th James bond movie. It is better then the 1st 3. The 5th James bond movie. You only live twice is better. This is a great movie. See it.

Greg W (nl) wrote: the cast makes this rom-com above average

Matthew L (us) wrote: Boring and dirty in all the wrong ways.

Patryk C (ag) wrote: A serious Hitchcock gem, which uncovers the controversial theme of Nazi conspirators during World War II, and does it with the most exquisite visual quality. The story is well-written, and doesn't fail to astound with it seriousness and very engaging dialogue-driven sequences. Joel McRea gives his most spectacular performance as the American journalist, who takes the job as a foreign correspondent in Europe and is soon on a trail of perfectly dangerous criminal, who are always one step ahead of their peace-loving enemies. It's an unforgettable showcase of some of the most magnificent set pieces in the Golden Era of Hollywood. From the streets of London, thorough tranquil countrysides and windmills, to intense in-flight scenes, the movie's eye-popping visuals will be forever remembered as one of the Hitchock's finest. It's amusing, interesting, thrilling - as any great suspense film should be.

Dianna D (es) wrote: "Singles" for the 2010 crowd.

Adrian Z (br) wrote: Solid adaptation of a 6-part comic book set during the late fifties, featuring Justice League members who not only must come to terms with their disenchantment of the US government's paranoid anti-communist persecutions, but must also save the world from an ancient threat that awakens to destroy it in the wake of the nuclear age. Comic book fans will love seeing retro versions of their favourite heroes (Green Lantern in particular is well presented) in a sprawling, adventure packed yarn that tantalizes with it's historical references and stylized design - although the animation, as usual with many of these straight-to-dvd Warner Bros. comic adaptations, errs on the side of minimalistic.

Kameron W (es) wrote: Very sad, but also very powerful. Still Alice is an inside look on how those with Alzheimer's disease and those related to anyone with the disease, and how it affects everyone.