Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip

A day in Hollywood, 1972, with young people looking for the 24 hours that will change their lives. Zach will open that night for a British rocker at Whisky a Go-Go; he lives in a canyon and plays impromptu duets with a mysterious guitarist he doesn't see. Tammy is a costume designer, open to quick sex with the various rockers she works with and loved from afar by Michael, a photographer recovering from a case of the clap. His good friend is Felix, a morose, alcoholic songwriter. On hand for comic relief is Marty Shapiro, a fast-talking record producer. Getting ready for the gig at the club, Zach's performance, and the early-morning aftermath comprise the film.

A comedy that takes place during 24 hours on Sunset Strip in 1972. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (ag) wrote: One line summary: The desire for youth meets cannibalism in Hong Kong.---------------------------------------------------- Aunt Mei cooks special dumplings that taste bad, but supposedly help women keep their health and good looks. Mrs. Li is a former TV star who has more or less aged out of stardom. She tries Aunt Mei's dumplings, and spits out the first one. Mei talks her into resuming, after burying the rejected dumpling in the pot of one of her plants. Mr. Li, a late midde-aged man, is having an affair with the masseuse, who looks to be early twenties in age. Mrs. Li is discouraged by his excuses to leave town, but does not scratch very deep about it. As the film continues, it becomes clear what the 'secret ingredient' is. Aunt Mei used to be a surgeon in China. In obstetrics. In Hong Kong, abortion is against the law, and Aunt Mei has to keep a low profile. Mrs. Li decides to visit her husband at his hotel near his work...only to find he's not alone. Oh, goodness. She visits their house, which is being renovated. She discovers her husband's egg fetish. He eats the eggs when the young bird is fairly close to coming out. When Mrs. Li finds out what the extra strong secret ingredient is (by direct sight), she freaks out. Then she returns. Aunt Mei talks about how the much better the first born is, and how important it is to do the abortion without the usual drugs, which would damage the nervous system of the diner. Does it work? For a while her husband is very interested in her physically. Does it have side effects? Yes, she gets skin rashes that give her a decidedly fishy smell. While talking to Aunt Mei, Mr. Li overhears everything on another phone extension. He seeks out Aunt Mei and starts taking the 'cure' himself. It would seem that is what his eating bird embryos was about, so this is probably a natural extension for him. Aunt Mei convinces him that he could do quite well with the dumplings. She's 64, and he finds her quite desirable. The extra strong dumplings continue to have bad effects on Mrs. Li, who consults a physician. He tells her she's allergic to something in the hotel she's staying at, recommends she return home, and prescribes some medicine for her. Mrs. Li counter-attacks by directing the police to the home of the 15 year old, whose fetus she ate, and to Aunt Mei's apartments. Her husband returns to her, and she convinces (via currency) the masseuse to have her husband's baby aborted. Yikes. Mrs. Li listened to Aunt Mei's recipe preparation talks.-----Scores----- Cinematography: 9/10 On streaming Netflix, at least, the aspect looks more like 1.33 than 1.85. Go figure. Still, the visuals look good for the most part, with framing, lighting, and focus all fine. Sound: 8/10 Good, but I've heard better. Acting: 9/10 Quite nice by the main players. Screenplay: 10/10 Quite a study in human degradation made possible by abundant money.

Mike P (fr) wrote: GOTTA LUV DINA MEYER

Ho D (fr) wrote: The most perfectly executed movie

Brandon S (br) wrote: Crimes of Passion is Ken Russell's look into the decay of relationships and of the grim outlook of many towards new relationships. The main two problems of this film are that it lacks focus at first it seems to be in your face and comical kind of like a Russ Meyer sex farce, but then the film takes a turn into trying to be serious and it doesn't work. The other problem is the acting Turner's performance is good, Potts seems like she is stoned, John Laughlin is just downright annoying, and Perkins is just too little too late. The script is well written, the direction is good, but the lack of focus and acting make this two hour feature seem like five.

Indu R (ca) wrote: I am a fan of Chuck Norris, but this was not one of his better movies. The plot was not that great as well as the acting. The action was decent and so were the special effects.

Wiard W (us) wrote: John Wayne stars as a 19th-century sea captain. When shipping magnate Mayrant Sidneye (Luther Adler) steals the beautiful Angelique Desaix (Gail Russell) from him, a bitter sea skipper (John Wayne) swears revenge on his rival. Now, he's determined to keep the cargo of gold aboard his ship, the Red Witch, all to himself -- and win Angelique back in the process.