Sunshine City

Sunshine City


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Greg W (nl) wrote: gr8 to look at thats about it flimsy plot slowly too slowly paced and one character is in the same clothes for the whole movie-gross.

Just S (kr) wrote: this is a really good film but i'm not sure about the ending

Tor M (ca) wrote: Rather slow and short Woody-flick. It has a great script and it looks good - even if it never impress visually. I never really care about the story here, it's uninteresting. Some middle-age people with a marriage that's going trough some change.No real highlights here, just reflections on life and some dreams. Very Bergmanesque and "Wild Strawberries" is a natural similiar film for me. Bergman did this stuff way better. This feel dull and never special. Maybe I like it better in about 20 years. I doubt I will see it again, though.5 out of 10 personal crises.

FanGirl B (kr) wrote: I'm not sure sure, but I pretty confident that Original Sin (2001) was remake of this film. Original Sin sucked but Mississippi Mermaid is a solid film.

Joe K (jp) wrote: The First American Movie to feature the Nazi's. 2 years before we entered the War! This movie is about Nazi spies in the US and Trying to make America a Nazi state! The directors Used News Reel Footage to add to the Realism of this film and also worked with the FBI. This movie was featured on the 100 years of the FBI Night On Turner classic Movies. This movie made me think why America is so great and is worth fighting for.

PY C (br) wrote: Somehow too boring for me and there wasn't any interesting part in the movie that kept me hooked.