Supari is a modern-day drama of greed, ambition, power and deceit. Four best friends end up owing 500,000 rupees to Mamta Sekhri, a woman involved in various underworld activities. The friends are forced to kill for money (an act called) "Supari" to pay their debt. But things begin to change when the men realize that in this game of Supari, they are not just hunters but also the hunted.

Aryan Pandit lives a middle-class lifestyle with his family in Nasik, India, where the entire family depend on his salesman dad's earnings. He re-locates to Bombay's St. Andrews College, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simeon M (br) wrote: A lot of interesting stuff here, but failed to execute properly for a myriad of reasons. Not really an "apocalypse" film as much as it is a "old friends reunite and realize that life is complicated" flick.

Alain G (it) wrote: Luke Goss, speelt hier een prachtrol. Een film die mij de hele tijd vast wist te houden en een pracht van een plotwending krijgt. Zeker de moeite waard!

Greg D (kr) wrote: amazing show to watch the wife and I would love to go to vegas and see them

Oliver H (ru) wrote: ....this Stockholm Noir continues and this sequel was even more entertaining! Stockholm does not get any darker than this, but so what? Looking forward to the wrap-up of the trilogy with 'Snabba Cash III - Livet Deluxe'!!! :-)

Wesley W (ag) wrote: The 4th and thankfully the last of the straight-to-dvd American Pie films. Once again, you just get a phoned in sequel that feels like it is just trying to make more money off of the American Pie franchise rather than trying enough to make something that is at least good. With Beta House, I just accepted it for what it was despite its problems and American Pie Book of Love somehow annoyed me a bit more. Most of the jokes remain lazy and there were some that were a lot more disturbing than funny. There were two characters that whenever they appeared on screen ( John Patrick Jordan as Scott Stifler and the dumb kid who played Rob's brother), I just wanted them to disappear because they were annoying and had no purpose to anything and Rosanna Arquette as Rob's Mom I felt was just a bland copy off of Eugene Levy's character. The positives I had with the film was one joke I thought was funny and I liked the scenes with Eugene Levy where they were reconstructing the Book of Love. Thankfully after this they end this franchise on a good note with American Reunion.

Genevieve P (nl) wrote: Un bon divertissement, des bons acteurs, un sc (C)nario parfois simpliste.

Ian P (es) wrote: Ellen Page and Sandra Oh are in it, that's all I needed to know. Decent slice of life flick.

Matthew D (au) wrote: The worst film of I've seen any genre to date and not even bad enough to be entertaining. Utterly lacking in personality, but trying far too hard to add it. Boring, cringe-worthy, unwatchable with no redeeming features. Don't let it waste your time.

Deanna M (br) wrote: Ah, I love the ocean. :)

Jon S (de) wrote: Hard to watch, but has a few moments. Probably best for those who are into dog shows. The utility closet, promiscuously popular wife, commentator, and the absurdity/subjectivity of judging made it bearable. Why it's so highly rated is beyond me.

Shelby L (au) wrote: Beautiful love story greatly enhanced by both Connelly and Crudup.

Greg G (nl) wrote: Some classic moments

Dave J (gb) wrote: Its a nice period music piece that looks at the industry (sort of) in the mid 60s. The usual ups and downs of a band are in there as well as random relationship tidbits...most of which are not followed too deeply. I never really got that the focus was on the the band's talent or rise to fame or relationship with each other or dealing with the industry.....and so forth, because its focus is never cemented enough to learn something. A solid cast, nice music and a still entertaining enough look at a band from the 60's makes it worth watching...once.

Robyn M (it) wrote: "G-Men" is directed by William Keighley and stars James Cagney as Brick Davis, an attorney whose college friend Eddie (Regis Toomey) is murdered by a mobster (Barton MacLane) while working for the Department of Justice. Brick quits lawyering and joins the FBI. When the fact that he was close friends with a mobster (who put him through law school) turns up, Brick is able to supply a lot of information to the bureau.The action in this film is non-stop, with car chases, kidnappings, lots of shooting, and scenes at a lodge, reminiscent of a well-known real-life happening in Wisconsin.Cagney is excellent as usual, and Barton MacLane gives a strong performance as the enemy. Lloyd Nolan, as a fellow recruit, makes his film debut.

Deke P (fr) wrote: 48 Hours, CBS, 12-26-2015 did 2 hours on a girl convicted of murder who watched this movie and said she wanted to do the same.

erich b (au) wrote: This is a really creative movie. I never liked the cartoon, but this movie has it all, unexpected moments, surrealism and action. Really enjoyed.