Super Cub

Super Cub

Bike runner Takeshi was doing bike race without police noticing him in public road. But one day, he is caught by motorcycle policeman during the race. His important bike is confiscated and his father cuts off financial help. Disappointed, Takeshi started working at Japanese noodle restaurant whose owner is the father of his childhood friend Mio. He is depressed because he can't run anymore on bike and the job is not much fun. However one day, he finds a shabby super cub at restaurant warehouse. Takeshi starts it remodeling.

Bike runner Takeshi was doing bike race without police noticing him in public road. But one day, he is caught by motorcycle policeman during the race. His important bike is confiscated and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam T (fr) wrote: Still an okay movie. Boring sure, but okay.

Manisha D (us) wrote: A lovely movie! Great storyline, wonderful songs, flawless acting, superb chemistry between Siddharth and Genelia... Hilarious and Sooooooo cute!! :)

Addison P (kr) wrote: Was ok, not nearly as good as the earlier ones.

Michael R (ag) wrote: Frailty is a dark and unsettling horror film that clings to viewers bones long after it's over. Great direction and an even more impressive performance from Bill Paxton.

Vince K (ru) wrote: Not going to waste a lot of time reviewing this one. I mistakenly remembered the sequel to Night of the Demons being totally awesome. I thought it came out in the '80s, not 1994. I guess being stoned 100% of the time that year can explain my false memory. I never forgot the great opening scene (it's totally fucking killer, Angela kills Jehovah's Witnesses who come to Hull House), and guess I confused the rest with the original (hadn't seen either in about 20 years). Night of the Demons 2 wastes too much time establishing the characters who go to a Yale-like Catholic boarding school who are all complete preppies. This is a horror movie, not an episode of Melrose Place or something. It takes an hour for someone to die, and by then I lost interest and couldn't wait for it to be over. The death scenes were horrible, noticeably low-budget, uninspired, cheesy (in a bad way), lacked creativity, and the pacing was so bad I could hardly pay attention. Having a kick-ass nun should've been great, but wasn't. Her having the magical ability to grow her head back with the power of faith was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And then all of a sudden in the finale Angela turns into a giant snake demon (ala Lair of the White Worm) and it's astoundingly great with CGI. Unfortunately that part lasts a couple seconds and it looks like they spent the entire budget of the film on it (the following scenes with real make-up effects are insulting - you can see the wires pulling the tail back and forth). Very disappointed. The only good part, besides the opening, is the scene at the Halloween party on campus where the preppies start dancing to "Rapture" by Morbid Angel. One of my favorite death metal songs at the time. Also - I had a completely fun adventure driving around last night searching everywhere for a copy of the DVD, and it being horrible will never be able to take away from that.

Richard S (mx) wrote: A good film about New York working class. Definitely try to catch this film.

Edward S (it) wrote: its a great movie in terms of a "manchick flick", so get the popcorn and have like a movie night with a couple fo your buddies and their partner to enjoy this movie.

Emilie R (it) wrote: Sellers is hilarious in this film. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

John B (it) wrote: Not the mess some critics make it out to be but very formulaic fantasy movie rather than a horror. It's possible to hate it if you don't like Dracula to be other than an evil monster. The movie misses its chance to emphasise any morally questionable choices as being horrible and so he is almost a super hero. The end almost reminds me of Captain America as he finds himself a man out of time. It's still a fine adventure just not really the character of Dracula.

William B (us) wrote: If you view it as its own movie, and not a final fantasy film, it's actually a pretty good movie. The story maybe hard to understand, but the CGI animation, acting, and characters are really good.

Kelly C (ru) wrote: This was the dullest, most beautiful movie. I know - how is that even possible? It was shot in dreary scenes, the color spectrum is weeping from neglect, but the simplicity of the movie somehow drove the point home more effectively. This is bound to make you stop and think about the premise and wonder which memory from your own life you would take with you for eternity if you were only allowed to take one. Is it a stupid premise? Sure. Is it an extremely fascinating premise to consider? Absolutely.Put aside your skepticism at the get-go or you won't make it through the movie. Don't try to accept the story line as a religion, a doctrine, or a statement and merely allow yourself to be entertained as a blank slate for a while. There are a few small surprises that aren't revealed in any big A-HA moments...they unfold naturally and without any fanfare, they are just dropped casually with all the forcefulness of an offhand whisper.The whole movie drifts along like a leaf on a stream in a quiet sort of reverence those gathered around a death bed would show...only there is no tense awaiting of last breaths. Here, the scary part is done, there are no worries other than getting that favorite memory immortalized. There is an understated joy in knowing there is life after death and this movie floats in a carefree way around the subject in a way I didn't expect. Long after the movie is over, you'll be thinking about it...wondering what memory you would take and wondering why they only allowed one in the first place? What happened when they got to heaven with that one memory?