Super Six

Super Six

Super Six is based a group of friends who live in an enclosed apartment, crazy about nothing but cricket, thinking of playing in a six-a-side tournament. They do many things to keep their team as the best ever six-a-side team, but the mischievous behavior of each and every one causes problems within the team. After the joining of the rival team captain, Jude, the story takes an unexpected twist. The lives of these mischievous youth with micro-politics and their fantasies are the main theme.

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Michael Y (br) wrote: Veronica is a really inspiring character. Smart, intelligent. Good film. Unfortunately, I don't watch the series. It's bad that some storyline confused me.

Nasko M (us) wrote: The movie is more about Superman dying, than it is the action and suspense in it, which makes it tedious in some respects, however the Man of Steel having to inevitably face his own mortality gives way to some pretty interesting moments. Such as him restoring the Titanic (or some random ship in his Fortress). This is a movie that gets you thinking about death and how precious life really is, especially when you see Superman having to face that fact himself. Yes he has died before, but most of the time it's under abrupt circumstances like in Doomsday and we never really get to see much other than a very moving funereal like in Justice League (the series), which was done incredibly well. But this one is different because he actually has time to contemplate the fact that he's dying, making this a new experience. He does what most people do when they find out they're dying. He reveals his identity Lois and tries to spend more time with her, he takes the Bottle City of Candor to a new inhabitable planet and even manages to teach Lex Luther not to be a prick anymore. The movie is basically him tying up loose ends before his time comes. It's not perfect, the atmosphere is very "Meh" and you never really feel all that thrilled about things, but it does have a lot of heart so that makes it a win in my book.

John A (ag) wrote: cut the bullshit and just enjoy it for the simplicity, I loved it.

George W (jp) wrote: Starts poorly, gets good, ends terribly.

Gabriel D (br) wrote: It's perfectly alright, but it lacks some good "oomph" to get it moving.

Pegah P (it) wrote: Simple. Genuine. Eye-opening.

Matt S (ag) wrote: Where Generations had shortcomings, this one is a home run. Another time travel tale. This time the crew have to stop The Borg from assimilating Earth in the mid-21st century and help make sure first contact with the Vulcans takes place by having Zefram Cochran get his warp ship into space. This has elements of a horror film and a classic thriller. The cast is great and the script is fantastic. Everything about this one is what makes it one of my favorite Trek films.

Grant S (it) wrote: OK, but disappointing. If you look at the comedic talent on show: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Marty Feldman, Peter Cook, Cheech & Chong and Spike Milligan plus a great actor, full stop, in James Mason, and consider that this was written by Graham Chapman and Peter Cook, it should be so much better. Has some good laughs, but the humour is often weak, especially towards the end, as if they ran out of ideas. There are glimpses of the Monty Python clever wackiness that you would think Graham Chapman would bring to the script, but a Monty Python movie this is not.

Jack G (jp) wrote: One of those amazing examples of "film as life/dream", like the French/Japan reimagining of Brief Encounter, though with a potent, sometimes heartbreaking emphasis on the fleeting or staying power of memory. full review to come.

Hannah O (mx) wrote: This one was funnier than the first one,Roy Rogers and Trigger added so much to it!

Rhiannon R (kr) wrote: Can you blame me for falling in love with men before my time, when they look like Charles Farrell.

Tyler R (ru) wrote: Of the better 90s thrillers that came out. Very well done and suspenseful. Very violent and sexual. Ending was predicable though. Worth a watch.

Jamie H (de) wrote: Not as good as original