• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:53 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   police,   investment,  

A scientist invents a "superspeed" device that makes people fight for its ownership. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Super-Speed torrent reviews

Trevor D (nl) wrote: Beautiful and unsettling. There's a delicate balance of providing just enough information to disturb the audience and provoke questions without relying solely on mystery and pseudo-science-fiction. Maggie and Peter are compelling, well-drawn characters, but I wish Lorna felt a bit more substantial (Particularly in regards to her backstory which, one would think, would play a more important function). Brit Marling is an interesting rising talent.

Louis M (kr) wrote: Seen it now loved it a great film.

Giancarlo G (nl) wrote: korean comedies win, as usual.

Danielle R (fr) wrote: Was a pretty cute Christmas movie. Had some funny parts, but overall was nothing original.

Thomas W (es) wrote: Can someone explain to me how Grindhouse gets a 83%, but PT gets a 77% and DP gets a 67%? Doesn't make sense to me. Both movies are excellent. I like DP more. Kurt Russell was amazing.

Hrant B (es) wrote: I did not expect anything great about this movie, but it turned out to be better and very entertaining. It started out slow but the characters grew on me. Michael Douglas was perfect as Charlie, this was one of his better acting gigs in a long time. He deserved at least an Oscar nomination. This was a gem of a movie, definitely a keeper and definitely worth your time. Don't miss out on this great epic it will leave a smile on your face.

Kevin K (ru) wrote: A culture clash between east and west, with all the quirkiness of most french films I've seen. It is a cute and interesting look at the hierarchical structure of the japanese company and it's strangeness to foreigners. I was relieved that it displayed more of both sides of the "war." Definitely worth the watch.

Adam R (gb) wrote: A Woody Allen film actually worth watching. It's quirky and amusing, and Elaine May is hilarious. (First and only viewing - 10/13/2014)

Mikael K (ru) wrote: The story isn't the most ambitious one, but "Ironweed" rises pretty high with strong performances, clear directing and a very interesting premise. A solid, accomplished drama.

Catinca C (ca) wrote: A coming-of-age story, a classic love movie, wrapped together in such electrical sexual tension which doesn't appal or massively invade your senses. It's beautiful and complicated and dramatic and sexually charged and dreamy at the same time. Loved it, recommend it

Paul S (de) wrote: Owned by Ashley. Pleasant 60's movie about 2 advertising sales executives after the same account.

Joe U (ru) wrote: Classic western! Brando and Mulden are great

John R (au) wrote: A dissmissable piece of fluff about a college professor who accidently discovers a formula that makes anything it touches repel wood, so he puts it on baseballs (wooden bats = no contact) and becomes a star pitcher. Its sort of "Flubber" for the MLB set. I enjoy this movie because I enjoy many of the actors (Ed Begley is a fave) and because the MLB team featured is the St. Louis Browns (who later became the Baltimore Orioles). I have an affinity for the underdog in baseball.

Asa B (it) wrote: A different style of samurai film that has some heart-breaking moments. The final fight scene is tackled differently too.

Alfredo S (de) wrote: Robots has some memorable and dark moments, but it marks the Blue Sky seal with really artificial and lame comedy

Masi A (gb) wrote: Great cast with a funny engaging plot. It reminds you that bad things can happen to the protagonist too.