Super Storm

Super Storm

Edzard Onneken directed this low-budget, high-octane thriller. It concerns a massive storm that threatens to destroy a commercial airline flight. The captain, Andrea Schubert, deems the ...

Edzard Onneken directed this low-budget, high-octane thriller. It concerns a massive storm that threatens to destroy a commercial airline flight. The captain, Andrea Schubert, deems the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudette A (fr) wrote: Bi-polar is a silent illness, as many people have it but you wouldn't know it.

Gisela G (kr) wrote: It's a fun watch, but the story is a mess, even for a standalone plot that won't connect to the anime and the animation makes it look like the studio was trying to go full Ghibli and failed. At least there's action.

Leah H (jp) wrote: This movie has a bit of an awkward start, but it builds well once it gets going. I enjoyed it, and the main characters are endearing enough for me to be curious about a sequel. The fantasy world is pretty cool, and the demons are super creepy. As always, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was delicious! It's not the best, but definitely worth the watch.

Alex K (kr) wrote: This film helped fill a hole I didn't know I had in my recent world history. Not the best film ever, but the only one I know about this real hero.

selena a (de) wrote: that's wat i like the miuse

Jon S (mx) wrote: Just watched this movie last week through Netflix. I have to say it was pretty good. Stander is the true story of a South African cop in the early 1980's that turns to a life of crime and starts robbing banks. Andre Stander, played by Thomas Jane, who is a highly decorated Captain of the Police Force under apartheid, a grueling time for all South Africans. Tired of the violence against black South Africans and the hypocrisy of the apartheid government he goes on a binge of robbing banks. First he does so alone and then with the help of criminals. I don't remember this movie coming out, which is a shame because it was very good and goes to show if something isn't a blockbuster film its not going to get pushed. Dexter Flecther (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Band of Brothers) is also in this film. He provides a strong supporting cast. The same can be said for David O'Hara (The Departed). Deborah Kara Unger (The Hurricane and Highlander III: The Final Dimension)is also in the film. She plays Andre's wife. I only mention her because she is still very hot. All and all a very good movie to watch.

Corey n (it) wrote: This is the sequel to the King Solomon's Mines movie of the 80's. This movie is on par with the first one made. Richard Chamberlain is back in the role as Allan Quatermain. Also is Sharon Stone as the love interest. Much like the first name of the movie this story is about Quatermain out to find the Lost City of Gold. This movie has some some solid action and fight sequences. An okay story overall. Though the story and dialogue is campy at times. But if you enjoyed King Solomon's Mines then you will like this sequel.

Andrew M (it) wrote: A nice slow-burn western drama that covers a lot of pretty heavy themes, most notably the role of violence in this kind of society, for a movie of its time. All of the performances are solid (young Brandon deWilde is awkward, but you feel his sense of admiration towards Shane), with the highlight being Alan Ladd as the charming titular character. George Stevens crafts a beautiful film not only in its narrative, but technically as well: that cinematography Oscar is so well-deserved. It's not the most exciting western as far as shootouts or action scenes goes, but with what the film has to say on a deeper level, that makes it all the better.

MF J (jp) wrote: A masterpiece! so well written , acted and directed, i'm not sure even today we would know how to do something as fresh, modern, poetic and well said as this film has been able to. Dialogues written by Prevert are a must, they are a delight of poise and wittiness and give this whole film a great authenticity and intelligence. Exceptional in every ways.

Adam P (it) wrote: This film was so fiercely bland and clunky that I wanted to throw a brick at my TV. All the gimmicks, from the stupid (and 100% unrelated) opening to the overuse of the freaking snowglobe and the campy 'woman in the mirror' narration were just dumb. Ginger Rogers seems like a nice gal and she acts passably, but I don't think she has the kind of star appeal necessary to pull off such a central role. Plus, I hated her hair. Hated it.

Vincent L (fr) wrote: Apparently, Iraqis are friendly with alien invaders ... wtf

Panayiota K (de) wrote: Kinda full of bullshit. Reliving the same events is boring especially through Phil who is an ass. Then it got cheesy too. I will keep one thing from this movie: Sometimes we can't change things, We make choices and we live with them, there are consequences

Leonard D (de) wrote: Very sad, but extremely powerful! You have not seen a true representation of horror, until you've watched this masterpiece of war!

Jill R (ag) wrote: A funny sweet comedy which had great comedic chemistry a very funny movie which I enjoyed Grade B+

Juan M (fr) wrote: Suspenseful movie with a great plotline and very good actors.

Gino P (fr) wrote: Aged and unintentionally funny. Gere is solid though.