Super Sucker

Super Sucker

Two door to door vaccuum cleaner salesmen hilariously compete against each other.

Two door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen hilariously compete against each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (ca) wrote: The movie after the show is really just an additional two episodes to put another ending on the series, probably for those upset by the outcome of the season 4 finale. This movie just gave us the how of that surprise we get at the end of the show's run. And it worked for me. It now threw Sarah into the midst, being jailed and abused and almost shanked, and the whole nine yards. Seeing what Michael was willing to do for his wife and child brought closure to the series for those who felt cheated (although Michael should have kissed Sarah's belly at that final moment; he never did come off too fatherly in my opinion, which took away from the emotional connection the viewer should have had at what was about to go down). But the women's perspective, in the women's prison, gave a new, neat light on the story. But really, just think of it as the final two episodes to recap the shocker of the actual final episode. And save the movie for last. That last episode of season four should definitely be seen first. Out of order, and you ruin the bond that you had with the show for four seasons.

Robin D (gb) wrote: Haven't seen a Costner movie in AGES and the trailer looked pretty interesting. Costner plays a lazy, alcoholic father whose young daughter looks after both of them. However, on Election Day, she sets off a chain of events which lead her father to choose the next US President - the current one hoping to be re-elected (Kelsey Grammer) and the rival (Dennis Hopper). Soon both are at war with one another and are doing everything possible to win the vote of this one man who has no idea what politics is let alone involves. Wasn't my typical movie but was enjoyable all the same.

Hobie P (ca) wrote: Talented twins....Stupid film!

Farah J (ag) wrote: fun,clean and sweeeeet...

John B (kr) wrote: So terribly sweet and saddening. One of the few Philippino films that I have seen and it was a difficult watch at times.

Marco F (us) wrote: LOVE ACTUALLY is a movie that is difficult for me to review because the tone of the film is so moody, it could only have been made in Britain or Italy. It's a smorgasboard of extreme, polarized emotions- it's either really happy and carefree, or really sad and depressing. But there is a problem here. I can't take this movie seriously, and it falls into that rare category of being a movie that isn't my kind of movie. The naivety of this movie is so condescending that it is almost infuriating. LOVE ACTUALLY is one of the moodiest and most temperamental movies I have ever seen. This movie is really sugary, cloying, annoying and somewhat tacky. The best way to describe it is that's an engineered puffball of a movie. The charm factor is very high and the cast are a lot of fun to watch. But it's not a movie I would like to watch too often- it's a lot to take in. I admire it because the writing is very good and a lot of the performances are very good. But I hardly have any respect for this movie because for that aformentioned reason, I can't take this film that seriously- it's such a cloying and sugary experience that it nearly drove me to madness. There's no point. It's easy to get lost in the world of this movie- and that's why so many people love this movie.

V S (ag) wrote: Tim Robbins' 1992 mockumentary still resonates today. In a lot of ways, it foreshadows the 1996 documentary, A Perfect Candidate, about Oliver North's 1994 U.S. Senate campaign. In fact there is little doubt that the latter filmmakers took some direction from a least the first half of Bob Roberts. This film truly shows the scariness of our American political process. The character of "Bob Roberts" can be seen in today's political candidates. This is a must-see film for those interested in the political process. BTW, Ray Wise is a standout as Chet MacGregor.

Maxime B (us) wrote: LE film qui a fait de Luchini une star... La decouverte de Christian Vincent, dont c'est le premier film. Comedie tres litteraire, amere, cynique, ou un ecrivain decide de seduire puis larguer une jeune femme, et de relater cette experience dans un bouquin. Le tout sur fond de melodies schubertiennes a tomber. Une reserve : la fin est un peu abrupte.

Melissa C (de) wrote: i love this movie,old skool but its so full of energy lol

Maximiliano D (de) wrote: Not exactly your typical Spielberg film, although it is showing quite a few of his trademarks, this story tells the pacific events of World War 2 from the perspective of a little British boy. Stunning to see what a man and actor has become of Christian Bale, who gave his debut here. While he does a great job, he tends to overact at times. That's no problem though, the direction, beautiful cinematography, enthralling story-telling and gorgeous John Williams soundtrack more than make up for it. A highly underrated war drama, that won't leave a viewer untouched.

Darren S (nl) wrote: The startup to the exceedingly astounding trilogy kicks off with the first (and best) live-action performance of a personal favorite villain of mine by Liam Neeson. Adding to that is the unexpectedly riveting performance of Bruce Wayne by Christian Bale as well as the supporting cast, and the realistically dark storyline that captivates anyone who lays their eyes on the screen for even one second.

Reid G (fr) wrote: A nightmare imagined with unparalleled artistry

Jeff S (ca) wrote: One of the funniest films in recent memory featuring a scene stealing turn from Robert Downey Jr.

Johann M (nl) wrote: Amazing. I feel that I need to re-watch it to fully grasp the details and all that banking jargon they throw at you, but the cast delivers such a fun, tragic and fast paced story that I really, really enjoyed it.