Faced with the suspicious death of their father, two brothers must motivate one another to get back on their bikes and take the Las Vegas Motocross Championships by storm.

Faced with the suspicious death of their father, two brothers must motivate one another to get back on their bikes and take the Las Vegas Motocross Championships by storm . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly K (it) wrote: This was such a cute movie. I have been meaning to watch it for years, and I finally got around to it. The modern dating world can be so complicated, so it was interesting to watch the struggle of a sweet young lady to find her Prince Charming. Yes, it is gushy. Yes, it is a complete chick flick, but it is worth watching in my book.

Jesse B (it) wrote: The inuyahsa movie formula is a good 1 but, you just expect it to be improved a little, yet it stays the same. Pretty sure weve seen this already, cant they come up with anything better? Inuyasha and Kagome save a group of innocents from a band of unruly demons blah blah blahhh. the dialouge just doesn't flow. overall not very impressive.

Steve M (br) wrote: good movie, great story and a killer soundtrack too.

Patrick T (gb) wrote: I'm still not sure I fully get the end of this film, but at least it's better than the one after it.

Adam B (fr) wrote: An interesting movie that sets the tone of the age its set and for that troubled period in American history. Macy's wimpish character is offset well by Mealoaf's anti semetic bully neighbour. Well worth checking this one out.

Stanley K (gb) wrote: Lovely visuals, computer generated characters that work as characters and not mere visual distractions, and classily put together action make up for a narrative that can be completely and accurately summarised as sci-fi Dances with Wolves, marked by an overwhelming and overbearing urge to hammer home some rather obvious points about history (Iraq, 9/11, colonialism etc.), an insincere attempt to both decry and exult war, excessive amounts of New Age imagery and an appalling closing theme song.

Makayla L (ag) wrote: I loved Billy Connolly and Judi Dench together. What a great match. The film was very moving as well.

Russ B (ag) wrote: 6/18/2012: good story! Overall not too bad a movie.

John S (fr) wrote: Farley and Spade are at their best in this movie! A classic of 90's comedy.

jacob f (de) wrote: never seen it but love the name

Eric L (mx) wrote: the story is abt two best friends, a man and his brother in law who got cryonically frozen in the sixties and woke up in the nineties, 29 years later. plotwise, it is full of holes. it kind of ended abruptly. surprisingly it is touching at times. one poignant comment by one of the character, the purpose of time was so that a lot of things don't have to happen at the same time, which is the overwhelming feeling they got when they ended up in a different time when they were frozen. the movie try to imply that true love transcend time. The guy found that his daughter have grown up with a family of her own, while his wife have grown older and have struggle with the problem of his disappearance. To them they have only sleep and wake up for a few days but to others around them they have gone for decades...

Phil H (jp) wrote: Adapted from a novel of the same name, yet after a bit of reading the movie is quite different from the book. With a title like this you'd think this film was about werewolves, but you'd be wrong. In fact it kinda depends on what source you go by, the book is sort of about werewolves, a species of creature that are descended from wolves, intelligent and probably more like werewolves than in this film. In the movie there are no werewolves and no creatures descended from the wolf line.And there lies the problem with this movie, no werewolves. The plot is all about these mysterious murders in New York, bodies are turning up badly mutilated or half eaten and everyone knows there aren't any alligators in the sewers doing this so...what gives?! Fear not, along comes the most unlikely monster hunter in the form of Albert Finney to try and crack the case, with the help of his female partner and the plucky coroner played by Gregory Hines. Now this isn't a jokey action packed supernatural thriller, oh no, its actually a reasonably slow paced detective story as we follow Finney and co snooping around in the Bronx.For the most part its quite intriguing I can't deny, I had no clue who or what was actually killing these people. You're not so sure if its actually a supernatural beastie or just some looney tune, someone close to Finney perhaps. Without trying to give the game away it is disappointing how they go about this movie, the alterations they make. Like I said in the book there are actually genuine creatures on the prowl, here in the movie they substitute monsters for wolf spirits, or more accurately, Native American wolf spirits. I'm still not sure if these wolves were actually the Native American descendants Finney's character follows up on, these guys claim they are shapeshifters in the movie. Seeing as in the book the creatures are descendants of wolves, it makes sense in this movie that the wolf spirits on the loose are Native American descendants. It never really confirms this concept (I don't think) but I'm guessing the local Natives were the wolves, or they were able to summon them maybe. What really disappointed me was the fact the wolves actually did look like proper wolves, they actually used real wolves in the movie. This of course ties in with the new Native American angle they use, but I found it an anti-climax because I wanted to see something more terrifying, more of a monster, pack of monsters. The whole movie has this pretty decent eerie atmosphere going on showing us wolf POV, how they stalk their prey, their vision, how they attract prey by making ghostly baby noises etc...Then they merely turn out to be actual wolves that you can see in the zoo or where ever. I didn't find that scary, after all the great buildup, dark moody moments and horrific deaths...they just turn out to be actual wolves.Speaking of the wolf POV shots, well blow me down if John McTiernan didn't swipe ideas from this movie for 'Predator'. I kid you not! I have read this movie is notable for its early use of thermography/thermal imaging with the wolf vision sequences. You see these sequences and right away you know McTiernan probably pinched the idea for his Arnie vehicle, but jazzed it up a bit with bolder colours. Its these sequences that really add some spice to the wolf antics in the movie, mainly because for the most part you believe its a monster or werewolf and these sequences are darn effective conveying that.What's more I do firmly believe Alan Silvestri also pinched the musical score from this film for that particular Arnie vehicle! You listen to it throughout this film and its pretty obvious if you ask me, its nearly identical! All this time I thought McTiernan and co had spearheaded such an original franchise and material.Its certainly dated these days but the gore effects hold up well, very well actually. There's something a bit off about it all though, I guess the sight of these Native American fellas and their own little bar in downtown NY doesn't quite seem to fit in with the surroundings. I can't help but think the whole thing would have worked better in the wilderness or a smallish town out west, the sight of these wolves running around the city looks more out of place than scary really. Again the choice of Finney in the lead was an odd one if you ask me, he also doesn't quite fit into the NY surroundings. Its definitely an off-kilter movie and slightly misleading at the same time, the book does sound much better and more of what you'd expect.