Superhero Movie

Superhero Movie

The team behind Scary Movie takes on the comic book genre in this tale of Rick Riker, a nerdy teen imbued with superpowers by a radioactive dragonfly. And because every hero needs a nemesis, enter Lou Landers, aka the villainously goofy Hourglass.

Orphaned high school student Rick Riker is bitten by a radioactive dragonfly, develops super powers (except for flying), and becomes a hero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce B (au) wrote: Anybody from the South (GA-AL-FL) know who Hogzilla is, This film is no more then a Hunt for just that Hogzilla, From the Fangoria Fright Fest and to be honest don't know how it made it there. Could have been part pf the Man eater Series. Finally in last few minutes we see the big pig and the special effects suck. The thing that makes the film enjoyable is Tina Huang. Can only go with 2 1/2 stars on this one

Luis M (ru) wrote: As you walk past the DVD corridor and see movies ranging from 300 to 1408, stop at 1303 right before you get to 2156. Director Ataru Oikawa (Tomie, Tomie Beginning) comes at you with a tagline "Some rentals are too good to be true" (in this case, ok) that shows there is still more scares left to offer from the Japanese cinema starring Noriko Nakagoshi (Orochi - a.k.a Blood) in another chilling ghost story. Synopsis: After Mariko (Noriko) discovers the death of her sister by suicide during her limited time in her new apartment, she attempts to uncover the probable cause of what might have truly happened. However, during her research, she comes to find a strange secret that lies within the apartment that had led to other suicide murders. It's a bit of a stretch, but what else can the filmmakers possibly do to keep fans interested in Japanese horror despite the typical young hero, creepy looking adolescent and the long black haired franchise. Ataru Oikawa keeps it alive with some innovative scares that may keep an audience going without using much of the already low-budget. In fact, if there were some currency being thrown into it, it would have to be in the final moments of the film that fails to match the unique frightening scenes. Noriko Nakagoshi didn't look to be trying too hard to bring to life a character that takes time before she breaks, but her talents seem to match well for the most part.

Naoya K (it) wrote: One of the coolest movies I have ever seen. Doubtlessly a MASTERPIECE. The best Johnnie To film. Great acting, well-crafted shots, and noble mood. It is also a great homage to good old Westerns (you can see a lot of items in the film like a harmonica). The spirit of Western is still alive in Hong Kong.

Tony T (kr) wrote: Me fascinan las tomas dentro del agua, es como si fueses capaz de alcanzar las nubes. Se encuentra ahora en el zcalo DF, en un museo nmada.

Wes S (ru) wrote: Terrible editing and characters. The film tries to be a rip off of King Kong while being an adaption of The Lost World, in the end it doesn't succeed with anything. The characters are horrible, the CGI is awful, and the ending is boring. The natives have some of the finest looking hair I've seen in any jungle film. One of the biggest piece of trash from The Asylum.

Allison E (nl) wrote: The movie starts out and it is very clear right away how the movie relates to Native American religions. It begins with an elderly man telling a story which is how many religious teachings are passed on instead of having a text they go by. The narrator says he was "taught the world was full of magic. The source of this magic is the ever changing lights that dance across the sky" and the lights are the spirits of their ancestors and they have the power to make changes. There is also a mountain where the lights dance above and this indicates the mountain would be a sacred place.The movie is about three brothers named Sitka, Denahi and Kenai. The youngest brother, Kenai is preparing for a ceremony to manhood and he is out fishing with the others. Denahi ask Kenai to tie up the basket of fish so a bear doesn't get it and this began the spiral of events. At the ceremony Kenai will be receiving his totem that will guide his actions to manhood and through life. The totem he receives is the bear of love. He's unhappy with this totem but still wants to get his hand on the wall along with his ancestors. Sitka consoles Kenai telling him he didn't want or like his eagle of guidance when was given to him at his ceremony. The brothers discover after the ceremony that the basket wasn't tied well and a bear has gotten the fish. Kenai sees the bear walking off and instigates a fight with the bear. During the fight, Sitka sacrifices himself to save Denahi and Kenai and Sitka and the bear fall down a cliff into a river and the bear survives. Denahi blames Kenai for Sitka's death so Kenai in anger wants to leave and find the bear for revenge. Before he leaves, Kenai is warned to not kill the bear, which would upset the spirits. Kenai finds the bear and kills it on top of a mountain. After the bear is killed, spirits come and Sitka appears as an eagle then self. He grabs Kenai and turns him into a bear. First thing he sees after he wakes up as a bear is an eagle, or Sitka. Tanana tells him he has to make things right with his brothers spirit by getting back to the mountain that meets the lights. Kenai begins his journey back to the mountain and meets a cub, Koda. Kenai agrees for him to tag along to the salmon run which is near the mountain. On the journey, there are many signs guiding him toward the mountain and Denahi is chasing them. At the end, Kenai realizes he is the one that killed Koda's mother and on top of the mountain decides to stay a bear to be there for Koda. Denahi takes him back to their family and he gets to put his mark next to his ancestors as a bear paw.

clo c (es) wrote: pretty good coming out movie... krampack!!!

Rajhaun J (gb) wrote: Hahahaha I'm the 2nd person to like this movie in all the world on the website

Tom H (ca) wrote: i remember watching this 12-14 years ago.i remember it as pretty hilariousback then. then again i was like 10 years old or something.

Dino A (mx) wrote: Nobody does family drama like Stallone! I wish people appreciated him more! He's such a great actor and so full of heart!

Aitor B (mx) wrote: una "cuasi" obra maestra!! grandisima historia de dolor y sometimiento en la espaa reciente para unos actores en estado de gracia: especialmente landa, rabal y diego. se puede leer como una radiografia del franquismo entendido como un cancer dominante y represivo...

Peyton C (it) wrote: A great comedy that, while it's not aged well, pulls in nonstop laughs.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: On the surface it's only a cheap B movie. Look deeper and you'll find a compelling Greek mythological allegory. Oh, how Milland's career had spiraled...

Margaret M (nl) wrote: EXCELLENT!! A MUST SEE, esp if you like musicals

Pavan C (jp) wrote: Solid acting and cinematography makes this movie special

Robbie N (br) wrote: A sweet family comedy full of heart and comedy. For some, the sappiness this movie produces is a fault, but I disagree. The heartfelt scenes are where they belong, and aside being a little less humorous than others and a little predictable, this movie delivers laughs and sorrow. Plus, great chemistry between two excellent performances.