Compelling drama about the relationship between two Americans: a wounded Iraqi War veteran who struggles to live with his psychological scars, and a young filmmaker who accompanies him to a cabin in the Catskills to document his story.

Set in New York in the Summer of 2005, this film is about the relationship between two Americans: a wounded Iraqi War veteran who struggles to live with his psychological and physical scars... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim M (de) wrote: It got me. I have to give them credit for that. The style was fun too...reality TV gone wrong. Pretty darn entertaining!

Tamie S (gb) wrote: Again very good movie

Deke P (es) wrote: dps recommended it as very good.

Jack G (br) wrote: Another one really. This film had maybe 1 or 2 laughs. But it was almost good ~?

Olivia B (gb) wrote: Had a very Scream feel to me, although I liked Scream. It's not bad, there's blood, and jumpy bits and a plot but overall it's pretty meh.

Kelly H (nl) wrote: not what i was expecting.decent movie, interesting cinematography.

Paul G (es) wrote: [font=Arial]Dingo is about a man, John "Dingo" Anderson (Colin Friels), who makes his living doing odd jobs by day and playing trumpet in a "bush-band" at night. Dingo takes his music much more seriously than his bandmates. As a child he had heard jazz trumpeter Bill Cross (played by real-life jazz great Miles Davis) and realized that making music was his destiny. Ever since he has dreamt of someday catching up with Cross in Paris and playing with him. Despite financial hardship and a troubled marriage, Dingo takes a leap of faith and sets off for Paris to meet his hero. Their meeting is not only a milestone for Dingo, but also a redemption of sorts for Cross.[/font] [font=Arial] [/font] [font=Arial]This is a slow-moving and low budget film with a great jazz soundtrack. At times it has an almost dreamlike quality which seems fitting for a story about a man in pursuit of his dream, Miles Davis gives a superb performance both musically and dramatically. [/font]

Elgan D (br) wrote: Gus Van Sant's filmography, 'Good Will Hunting' notwithstanding is at best patchy, this early picture of pharmacy thievery is held in high regard but again it was hard to get into despite what's probably Matt Dillon's best performance

Nathaniel M (ag) wrote: The American remake looks horrifying in an entirely different sense. One of the best psychological thrillers I have ever seen. The acting and subtlety are peerless.

Lilhawkk H (kr) wrote: Great movie ,whats the hold up on th DVD release?

Nikk E (it) wrote: Piss poor horror released on the Vipco label. Whilst a piece of movie history, in some respects begrudge it that status, the DVD version has terrible sound, pretty bad visuals, and a deeply unsatisfactory plot. Probably it was cool and scary if you were watching it in an actual drive in, and if you haven't witnessed far more bloody and violent films in recent years. It is a piece of history, but for your own sakes, leave it relegated there.

Ben H (mx) wrote: Decent, low budget, bleak noir notable mainly for the storm drain chase climax. Its lack of a central, rounded cop protagonist to follow and root for leaves the viewer in a strange position of being unable to root for the criminal despite him being the most rounded character in the piece.

Jose Luis M (es) wrote: La segunda pelicula de Vivien Leigh luego de Lo que el viento se llevo. Clasico y romantico melodrama.

Gavin S (au) wrote: Okay film which explores both aging and the difficulties career women face outside the workforce. Killed 2 hours on a plane.