Superior Firepower: The Making of 'Aliens'

Superior Firepower: The Making of 'Aliens'

This feature-length documentary, made especially for the 2003 Aliens (1986) DVD release, is incredibly informative with all its interviews with both the cast and crew, as well as behind the...

This feature-length documentary, made especially for the 2003 Aliens (1986) DVD release, is incredibly informative with all its interviews with both the cast and crew, as well as behind the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Superior Firepower: The Making of 'Aliens' torrent reviews

Tor M (jp) wrote: Alejandro Jodorowsky's first film in many years. It features one of his sons, it has great images, it's lovely shot and of course it's weird. Everything is just as it was left.The narration is quite fast and there is a lot of stuff going on - there are 50 big moments or something here - many memorable scenes and a solid story that's both shocking and impressive. Loads of nudity, some blood, gore and other stuff that may freak you out. Still, not a sickening film - there are plenty of beautifulness here too. We get dwarfs and crippled - everyone is on his radar as always. Otherwise, Stalin, nazism - politics and dictators are themes. Manlyness and the coming of manhood are other key elements. Smooth touches with the man himself on screen at times, a nice feature.A long awaited comeback 23 years after his latest film. And most importantly a great comeback.8 out of 10 golden showers.

Amy H (it) wrote: A really wrong movie but good watch.

Andrew N (nl) wrote: possibly the most one sided and bigoted film i've seen in many years. in the guise of intellectualism the documentary seems to have only one agenda - to prove that islam is violent and simply violent. if you're looking for solid reasons to hate muslims and justify beliefs you already have, then this is the film for you. if you are looking for a balanced and well rounded exploration of a system of faith, then it's not. here you will only find hatred in the clothes of academia. not a film for those with mind of their own.

Tasha W (gb) wrote: While I quite enjoyed observing the antics and individual perspectives of the soldiers, the film left me with an overall sense of dissatisfaction, wondering what it is the filmmakers were trying to say, exactly.

Priyadarshini P (ru) wrote: Hey! no one hurts Mark Ruffalo !

Justin B (ca) wrote: Mostly unwatchable action/horror/fantasy. Like I've said before, Boll's failing; specifically in this era of his career, was taking his drivel so seriously and steadfastly defending it until the end. The only redeeming parts of this movie are the trashy snippets of sex and violence.

Casey D (us) wrote: One star for Brolin one star for NEON!

Barry S (us) wrote: Young Mickey Rourke in his prime. Gritty, authentic New York atmosphere. A really terrific movie.

rosie v (br) wrote: I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN

Matt P (de) wrote: As Walt's defining picture, it shatters all expectations on the first viewing, and only gets better every time you watch it. With it's colourful sets, jolly songs, beautiful special effects, and wonderful performances by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, it is a modern masterpiece that I would watch infinite times if i could.

Kate C (br) wrote: This movie should be watched after "So Proudly We Hail" ... Also, what many people don't realize is that this is actually based off of a book written by the main character.

Dave C (ca) wrote: Similar to Flash of Genious, Ingenious tells the true story of something most of us have heard of but most likely don't the actual tale behind. Half the fun of watching this movie is finding out what that something actually is. The movie follows the lives of two aspiring business parterns and life long friends who are trying to find the big idea that will make them successful. Behind these two friendships is a marriage relationship and a family struggle that create an ongoing tension and plot line that revolves around the struggle for individual and relational identities amidst the battle for success and the fear of failure. Along with this comes the questions of just what makes living worthwhile and who do we have to become in order to be deemed important. Another side plot delves in to the area of addiction and the demons that weigh us down, which is linked to our image of ourselves and our view of success. What is it that ultimately drives us in this world. The late John Ritters son plays a center role here, and really shines as he carries the weight of much of these themes. Jeremy Rinner plays his partern, and between the two of them the chemistry works to hold the film. The spotlight though is most often turned towards the relationship between Ritter's character and his wife, which is where most of the chemistry lies. The film is quite layed back, flowing back and forth between humor and heavy drama. And the characters each catch the spirit of it. While the real thrill of the movie is seeing where it ends up and what that "big idea" is, the real story is found inbetween in the things that connect that big thing (which really isn't that big) to real life. For a movie that many will probably never see and never have heard of, I thought this one was a gem in the mix. Glad I came across it.

Jack P (fr) wrote: A classic film about keanu reeves hunting down a group of bank robbers. Excellent film with insane stunts and patrick swayze plays a convincing villain. Point break is a classic 90s action film that cant be missed.

AD V (ca) wrote: Four twentysomethings come up with a get rich plan and head to New Guinea to find Michael Rockefeller, the son of a vice-president who disappeared in the 60's. All of the cameras are ran by the kids themselves and apparently someone finds the footage which is what you are watching. Sound familiar? Well that's because this is actually a loose remake of Cannibal Holocaust sans the animal killings. I enjoyed the last 30 minutes but you have to endure the preceding 60 with the cast acting like they're on MTV's 'The Real World'; they bitch, whine, insult each other, throw tantrums and then die gruesome deaths just like the show--well, except the dying part, unfortunately.

Craig E (kr) wrote: BRILLIANT!!! I loved it as a kid and love it just as much now.