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Tim C (nl) wrote: Pretty Good Stephen King Outing

Andrew P (gb) wrote: Awesome film! Makes you wish VHS were still popular...or around...or at least that every movie was available in every format possible without restrictions or licensing issues. In other words, a perfect world for cinephiles.

JY S (mx) wrote: Felix Chong and Alan Mak reunite for another Hong Kong crime thriller, Overheard 2.Although sporting a title that indicates a sequel, this film is just that in name only. The concept behind the story is in similar territory and the three leading cast members from the first installment are all here, but with completely different characters.This picture goes through a lot with its nearly 2 hour run time and it kicks it off with an amusing 10 minute introduction involving a vehicle/surveillance chase. The story does slow down for a bit however, when the back stories of the three major characters are revealed.One of the components of the story, which plays a major part in the film's final act deals with stocks. A thorough knowledge of this subject isn't required; however, this can make it or break it when it comes to the film's interest level.Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, and Ching Wan Lau put together believable performances with their respective characters. Huang Yi and Michelle Ye have integral characters, but are quite limited in screen time.Overheard 2 may not be a stunning masterpiece when it comes to Hong Kong crime thrillers, but as far as those go, it is a solid picture.

Andr D (de) wrote: El director israel Ari Folman, autor del fabuloso documental animado "Waltz With Bashir", ahora nos presenta una compleja, profunda e inquietante pieza de ciencia ficcin llamada "El Congreso", basada en la novela de 1971 "The Futurological Congress" de Stanislaw Lem (el autor de "Solaris"). En la versin de Folman, la actriz Robin Wright (interpretada por ella misma) se enfrenta a la nueva tendencia en Hollywood: digitalizar a sus actores y actrices para utilizarlas a discrecin. La primera parte de la cinta que se centra en Robin, sus dos hijos y su mnager (un excelente Harvey Keitel), aborda la prdida de humanidad, el miedo a la muerte y el papel del actor. La segunda parte es una delirante cinta animada en el que Robin se interna a un congreso organizado por un poderoso estudio, en el que el espacio y el tiempo es alterado a partir de un psicotrpico que permite vivir en una subjetividad compartida. "The Congress" es una pelcula provocativa que reta al espectador y que genera preguntas sobre la naturaleza del Ser, la percepcin de la realidad y la construccin social de la misma. Todo un viaje.

Rawballs B (mx) wrote: The movie that boost with such power in family interaction and sisterhood status and the motion pic bursts with different type of quietness...

MICHAEL M (mx) wrote: This is a series that should have stopped at 1. Even more boring and uninteresting then 2 and such a shame how these characters got worse than better. Do yourself a favor and never watch this. Even if your a Bernie Mac fan. The party made have been longer than the party in part 2 but has no heart what so ever.

Ben R (au) wrote: This was way darker and deeper than I expected it to be. It was almost overwhelming at points, thanks to the claustrophobic setting, the powerful script, and Bogosian's acting. I'm hearing Bogosian speak at my school tomorrow, and I'm really excited.

jay n (ag) wrote: Slow moving enlightenment drama with Judy Davis giving an excellent performance as usual. The characters are just to remote to really engage you leaving you feeling little for their stuggles.

Mark T (au) wrote: Bad acting, naff special effects and a number of poor casting choices, not least of all Paul Telfer as Hercules who seems to have been cast merely because he looks good with his shirt off rather than any acting ability ! Hercules is not meant to be a pretty boy but a man's man !

Kerri L (fr) wrote: I didn't like the anime style- too boring. Norman reedus was good.

Timothy J (ru) wrote: A grand epic. The type of movie that's not made anymore.

Ben L (br) wrote: While I never saw Wrath of Khan I was aware of a number of key plot points because of my time in geek culture. So, how is it possible (knowing it was coming and even seeing the moment out of context before) that I was crying at the end of this film? I have to chalk it up to strong characters, and good story structure. There was enough build and excitement that I basically forgot more drama was coming. Ending the film in that way was a bold choice and I am impressed that they didn't cheapen it in the same way Into Darkness did when it emulated the same climax.My only complaint about Wrath of Khan comes in the slow build of the first act. There seemed to be a lot of references to how long it had been since they were on the Enterprise and how old they were getting. It was a bit of nostalgic reflection that might suit fans, particularly at that time, but felt a little drawn out to me. I know the trope of the over-the-hill guys pulling together for one last hurrah, but knowing they would do this several more times in the movies kind of weakened that scene for me.Otherwise, once Moby Dick in Space gets going, I was hooked. Most of the space battles and action sequences are actually fairly brief, yet I was tense through every single one. I loved the interactions between Kirk and Khan, as they kept trying to outdo one another, and pushed one another's buttons. The sequence where the Enterprise crew hacks the shields was so well done I was clenching the arms of my chair in anticipation. I have to say, considering everyone in the world seems to think Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek film, I kind of expected to find it disappointing and unable to live up to the hype. Yet this truly is one of the greatest Star Trek films of all time. I haven't had a franchise movie impact me on such a visceral and emotional level in a long time. This one accomplished that and then some. It's a movie I was thinking about for hours afterwards, and will probably seek to add to my collection.

Dustin D (ca) wrote: "Sullivan's Travels" is an interesting commentary on Hollywood and the Great Depression. Nice to see 1941 Kansas City in the background of one scene (although it was probably a matte painting). The final act is like a condensed version of "12 Years a Slave," except the main character is white, he's a prisoner rather than a slave, and actually has a character arc.

Shaun B (ag) wrote: I don't know why I continue to watch action movies, I'm not a big fan of how they love to routinely throw common sense and reality out the window. I know it's "just a movie" but goddamn if I don't get tired of the same bullshit. A modest amount of decent acting should be demanded from the giants in the industry but it's almost always just for a paycheck b/c a lot of the public just likes to watch shit blow up on the big screen. Here not much gets blown up (in fact quite a few grenades are thrown to within three inches of our hero(es) and no damage is done other than being thrown to the ground momentarily) and a lot of running around ripping off nearly every single 1980s action/war/mercenary movie made up to that point. Many point to this as one of the best B-movie action rip-offs ever made. It's so-bad-it's-good they scream from the rooftops. Within the first five minutes (ten tops) you'll know if this movie is for you or not. You will find yourself hardpressed to not laugh out loud and to not yell back at the screen about what you're witnessing (HOW CAN YOU ASSHOLES NOT HEAR HIM SNEAK UP ON YOU WHEN WE HEAR ALL THOSE BRANCHES SNAPPING!?!). It's RAMBO dumbed down to its greatest potential. Eventually I had to fast forward through the final half hour. My advice is to watch the first 5-10 minutes and the final 10-15 minutes as they sum up the movie completely. Unless you really really need to see a knife vs. stick situation that ends as you'd expect.