Mild-mannered Clark Kent works as a reporter at the Daily Planet alongside his crush, Lois Lane − who's in love with Superman. Clark must summon his superhero alter ego when the nefarious Lex Luthor launches a plan to take over the world.

The film depicts Superman's origin, including his infancy as Kal-El of Krypton and his youthful years in the rural town of Smallville. When the evil Lex Luthor plans to take over the world, Superman is the only one who can stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lord N (br) wrote: The last film that is months overdue for a request. 7 or 8 months I believe. Once again it is an Irukandji film. Acting/characters: One of my first thoughts was 'ooh, it has Gimli in it! What fun! But I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, he has a total of about 3 minutes or so of screen time but he has high billing for the film. That right off the bat tells you what kind of film it is. The characters are all what you'd expect from a film like this: stupid stereotypes. every last one of them. And they die in the order they're supposed to. The acting fit the film. It was pretty bad. Not as horrible as I expected but still pretty bad. But everyone in this film was a complete moron. Every. Last. One. Some just less so than others. basically par for the course for a film like this one. 1/10 Plot: I've seen plots like this before: race against time before something bad happens. It played out the same way too. I must admit that it was rather entertaining actually. Nothing awesome but it kept my interest. But it was a bit too long. It was bout 90 minutes but I felt that that was a bit too much. Funny how some movies can make 90 minutes feel too long. I just felt myself wanting it to end. It was a little repetitive and its tricks to add suspense just didn't work because you knew how it was going to end anyways. But I must give it some credit, it was entertaining for the most part. 4/10 Screenplay: Just terrible, absolutely terrible. It's a SyFy movie. They churn them out so fast they don't even bother with the screenplay. Nothing else to say really. 0/10 Likableness: Despite its innumerable glaring flaws I kinda enjoyed it. Mostly. Would I watch it again? Sure with a group of friends. But otherwise no. Would I suggest this one to someone who likes stupid cheesy films like this one? Not really actually. If you want that watch Wyvern. That one was much better. Am I glad I watched it? Sure. It was far from the worst film I have ever seen. It was merely entertaining and overly cheesy but really bad. And the special effects were horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. They could have done better. 3/10 Final Score: 8/40 20% Tomatometer rating: N/A Tomatometer rating if my review was added: 0% No trivia for this movie either. sad day.

Mayank F (nl) wrote: 2 stories were actually appealing...............but d rest turn out to be just add-ons leading this bolly-flick to a dumb end.

Justin M (it) wrote: Errrrrrrr... Too many names. I think my expectations are so high going into something like that after seeing it, there is no way it can live up to the hype I created for it. In any case, it didn't! You can always count on a good performance from Tim Roth and Forest Whitaker and that stands true in this film. But Not too much more can be said for the rest of the film.

Knox M (ru) wrote: The saddest scene in the film was where the teacher was talking about her dead husband. Apart from that, this film is a major step down from the novel. It is in no way bad, though, just okay.

Collin P (us) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Follows the Christmas movie cliches in the worst way possible, has a horrible, boring plot, and obnoxious characters. Not to mention a Jaimie Lee Curtis that acts like she's still in Halloween. Horrible, horrible movie.

Christopher W (mx) wrote: Another 90's movie that I liked but nobody else does.

Zeb E (fr) wrote: I still love the part where she chucks a coffee cup and bounces it off his skull...

Rachel S (de) wrote: Oh my goodness, I didn't know Candace Cameron Bure was in this!! That's so cool. :) I so want to watch this movie!!

wanda n (fr) wrote: Excellent. I love that these jews fought for their freedom.

Shannon H (nl) wrote: Poor some Velveeta on me! W.A.S.P. rawks!

Yash B (ag) wrote: As good as a live action garfield movie can be. It's funny and a good watch for fans of the comics. It's not as funny as the source material but it is still a good silly time.

Marilee A (kr) wrote: Sexy Sexy Summer Long Menage a Trois with Beautiful views of the Greek Isles.You can surely see what John John Kennedy saw in Daryl Hannah, & it wasn't her acting.