Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman does a lot in his newest adventure. Archvillain Lex Luthor, determined to make the world safe for nuclear arms merchants, creates a new being to challenge the Man of Steel: the radiation-charged Nuclear Man. The two super-powered foes clash in an explosive screen extranvaganza that sees Superman save the Statue of Liberty, repulse a volcanic eruption of Mount Etna, rebuild the demolished Great Wall of China and perform many more spetactular feats. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace torrent reviews

Will V (kr) wrote: It's crude, funny, hard to look away from. Just like Morton Downey, Jr.

Michael R (us) wrote: Interesting Little Comedy...

vanelson p (ag) wrote: onmnjkmjjhjhtljdyvjk:-) l

RichardYves S (kr) wrote: I'm a straight guy in need of a combined dose of social commentary and fabulousness. And production numbers. I think this'll fit the bill.

Tim M (ru) wrote: Gordon Liu has to prove that Chinese combat can beat Japanese combat in a series of showdowns.

Lucas H (nl) wrote: Still hilarious, but I've seen it all before in the TV series.

Jacopo G (mx) wrote: Fun and not serious ;)

Phillip D (nl) wrote: Undoubtedly, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a finely crafted film with a cast most directors would die to have but despite being intriguing and interesting, it never really captures any actual excitement and at times is a bit too confusing, due to some puzzling timeline choices, to build tension properly. As a result, it's a watchable film but it's a film that seems to seriously waste its exceptionally talented cast, who deliver fantastically stoic performances here.

Andrew K (es) wrote: Dreadfully bad and flawed movie, not ment for a family to watch or any normal person really, definatly not for kids either. No idea what the director or writer was thinking adding a beloved breed of dog to a movie when it's not even really the main focus, more of a prop that's used to change between characters and add some kind of interestNobody should ever have to watch a movie where an animal gruesomely dies at the end too, just saying, it's completely unnecessary, disturbing and flawed. Please stay away from this movie, it's a mistake even thinking it's about a dachshund as the cover would suggest.

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