In the course of a seance meant to contact her dead brother, heiress Roma Courtenay is instead possessed by the spirit of recently executed murderess Ruth Rogan.

A serial black widow murderess returns to life in the body of a young woman to exact revenge on a former lover, a phony spiritualist who betrayed her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Supernatural torrent reviews

Jeff R (it) wrote: WOW!This amazing documentary examines a huge web of corruption throughout the FBI and Justice department encompassing the James Bulger trial, after he had finally been caught after 16 years on the lamb.

Nick K (jp) wrote: It didn't seem to have a plot with a direction. More like describing a certain moment in 3 girl's life.

Jacob D (ca) wrote: Spectacular Now is a very good movie with a great story and great performances.

Domenica C (jp) wrote: oh please, someone watch this with me.

Tammy S (it) wrote: i think i found a new favorite! fun and entertaining from start to finish.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Its a good thing to look for? want to see

Maryam T (nl) wrote: Too fast.Honestly, I really expected more.It was just full of boredom.I'm disappointed.

Lara R (ag) wrote: muito muito muito bom. um soco no estmago.

Ben G (br) wrote: This film is pretty darn creative.

darryl c (ru) wrote: this is the rollicking story of the 1950s doo-wop singer frankie lymon and his life with three of the women that loved him. and though the actors are all really good at what they do, vivica a fox outdistances her cast members as the tough and wily elizabeth lymon.

Joey W (es) wrote: A really great movie that deals with the troubles you sometimes have to face while making a movie. This movie was really satisfying, but it just makes we wish for a more satisfying ending, I don't know why, but it just does.

George A (br) wrote: hystarical, great movie that kept me laughing!

Vikalp R (au) wrote: all time hit........

Tim H (fr) wrote: No way! No way that Joel McCrea could survive all that sh*t. He should have been dead, like, five times. I mean, not as many times as the Charlie's Angels would have been...but nonetheless. Cecil B. Demille certainly knows how to make things epic. This is a huge movie. Sure, he's using obvious models, but that was normal at the time. Who can hold that against him? Besides, I got me an imagination. I can use it every so often, then so can you. I mean, there's sh*t blowing up left and right. Not so much with the fire, but a train hitting a water tower or falling off a snowy hill. Tell me the last time you've seen two separate train accidents in one movie. Lord knows I haven't and I've seen a lot of sh*t. Man... crazy! I love Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck. Putting them in a western is a genius idea. McCrea is just a badass nice guy. He can do no wrong in this movie (even though he does and no one has a problem with it). But he's got this tortured life because of a friend. And to be honest, I love when friends are enemies in a story. That creates a fantastic dynamic. It's the whole Clark Kent / Lex Luthor aspect in Smallville. That's right. I just compared a great American classic to a television show on the CW. I'm a turd. But I did really like this movie. The cast is fantastic, the action is actually pretty great. There's this one scene that's really just exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. The scene of trying to get the payroll back was killer. I mean, Barbara Stanwyck is kind of a b*tch for lying, but she's doing it to save Joel McCrea's life. On top of that, even after the whole bit is over, Stanwyck saves McCrea? I mean, this guy just pressured her to marry him by threatening to kill the man she loved. I understand that there's this sacred vow of marriage and that she's Irish (one day I'll break into the whole Irish thing), but really? I mean, I expected her to shoot him. That would be a hell of a story. She has to sit and rot in prison because she murdered a man who stole the payroll, and McCrea would have to watch her? But that didn't happen. I guess I am pretty grateful for that because this movie was really kind of fantastic. It ends a bit too neatly. Part of me was happy about that, but the other half called bullsh*t on that one. I mean, yeah, it's 1939 and you have this ruckus action love story. You really can't end it negatively, but I always like those endings so much better. Why? Because I have a hard heart, that's why! But either way, the movie absolutely fantastic and I'm a better man for watching it.

Matt S (fr) wrote: I personally loved this film good action great special effects to but the story was kinda silly

Artem t (it) wrote: A natural competitor of Batman v Superman movie and not a worthy one.I rate the film about Captain's war as 2.5/5 and I am being really generous, truly speaking.First of all, I have to say that mostly it is not a movie about clash of superheroes, former friends, but a legal drama and we'll speak about it later.Action scenes versus regular people are designed in a way when each superhero has their moments to shine while stupid opponents wait in groups (about 3-4 bad guys) to have their asses kicked. Special effects look fine, of course, just recall the movie budget - $250 million, not including the enormous amount on promotion.The whole theme of the movie is ridiculous, a bit similar to Batman v Superman plot, where superheroes started to suffer incredibly because of the damage they deal when perform gargantuan battles to save the universe.I mean there were plenty of films and series involving Batman, Superman and all of the Marvel characters and no one cared about regular people dying. But in harsh times of idea crisis logic is put away and odd scripts emerge. It looks as if Cinderella's Fairy Godmother suddenly starts to think about how her magic corresponds with the law of conservation of energy.When Secretary of State demonstrates superheroes via fancy presentation which consequences there are because of their actions the logic is not just killed, it is annihilated. And no one mentions evil guys who tried to conquer or destroy the whole planet. No one sees GIANT FLYING ROBO-SNAKE-OR-WHAT-IS-THAT-THINGIt's like everyone agrees, well yes the Hulk decided to make some noise on his own.Next thing we see is Army acting on the streets of New York. Does anyone think that a tank or car-based machine gun has no risk of injuring or killing somebody?The film script lacks at least any pieces of sense and becomes more broken with every minute. And the discussed scene was shown on the 22nd minute of the movie.The Sokovia accords.Once these papers appear on the screen, they never leave it, as all the boring talks throughout 2,5 hours movie is all about the legal document. Legal document in a freaking superhero movie! And they talk and talk and talk... I can understand when the movie is based on dialogues, but a Marvel action-packed movie?As the movie is declared to be about battle of two earth defender teams, I have to say a few words about how the conflict is shot.I can state I like the legwork by Scarlett aka Black Widow. It reminds me the beautiful Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat.In general, our superheroes are noble people, so they fight only 1 vs 1, even if the disposition indicated that there is only one villain vs a group of heroes. O logic, where art thou?There is fun similarity with the Batman vs Superman movie, Stark and Captain meet each other on the 90th minute of the film. While the Bat and Clarke start fighting on the 120th minute of the movie. And I can't say that everything that happened before major fights was worth watching.I congratulate everyone who did not fall asleep until this moment, you are the real superheroes here, fellas. It seems that any efforts movie creators wanted to actually make are performed during this battle. There are even some funny jokes! (I remind it is the 90th minute of the "action" movie). Spoiler: Spidey is great!The movie is exceptionally boring. I have never been to a cinema where 99% of audience fell asleep during the action film.If you skip all the talks you may consider Captain America: Civil War as a decent movie.